What Does God Do?

what does god do

when making major decisions, many wish God would provide clarity about what His will is through visible signs or audible signals. While certain aspects of God’s will can be found in Scripture, other parts may remain less clear.

How is God spending his day? There is no simple answer – there are numerous factors at work here.

He created the universe

The Bible tells us that God created all that exists, from earth and sky to planets and oceans – including man. Scripture also indicates that He alone can create something from nothing – with seventeen references in Genesis’ first chapter alone to God as Creator!

Creation of the universe and all it contains by an infinitely loving God is undoubtedly an act of immense love and kindness. He took great care in designing every detail of creation – including ourselves – so He may experience intimate communion with each of His creations. God desires a close personal relationship with each individual He creates.

Jesus came to earth for one reason only: to bring us closer and lovingly into relationship with the Father, so that we would become His witnesses and glorify Him through sharing our faith and testifying to its truth.

As we go about our daily lives, we don’t often give much thought to how the world was brought into being. Yet if we take a moment to contemplate it further, it should become evident that God is involved in every activity that takes place around us – working to create an exquisite world while keeping all things running according to His will and directing its rulers according to His will.

The beauty of our world is an expression of God’s glory. From living cells to mathematical precision of laws of physics, this universe shows His extraordinary creativity and intelligence while at the same time reflecting all forms of life on this planet.

The Bible teaches that God created our universe and all it contains, declaring it good. While scientists still attempt to ascertain when it all began, no doubt is left that He did indeed create everything – He certainly doesn’t limit His creative efforts to six 24-hour time slots, nor are Genesis books at odds with scientific conclusions that suggest creation may have taken billions of years!

He keeps us alive

There are various opinions of how God relates to humanity. Some think He does not intervene directly with human events while others think He actively guides the universe and all within it, while still others believe He personally answers our prayers and intercedes on our behalf. No matter your view on these matters, however, it’s important to remember that God created all there is – whether good or evil rulers – by keeping his world functioning according to his will; He keeps up by setting and deposing them every day while also directing the weather, animals and all aspects of creation to help keep everything working according to His will – both things that all humans and non-humans alike! Regardless of your opinion on this topic, however, one thing remains constant – God created everything that exists – no matter your opinion on this subject!

Western society operates on the assumption that God intervenes in nature and human lives at times to bring about change or prevent certain outcomes, often through miracles or divine responses to prayers. The Bible, church history and contemporary religious discourse all provide examples of such interventions; sometimes these can be detected directly while at other times they must be discerned through faith alone.

Critics of this view of God often raise issues surrounding post-Holocaust thinking that seems to question why an all-good God would permit evil. Additionally, criticisms centered around his omnipotence and omniscience can often be discussed within a framework of moral obligation; philosophers such as Maimonides, Augustine of Hippo and Al-Ghazali all asserted that He cannot change himself nor his will.

Immutability can also be defined more precisely as God being always the same, yet unchanging in his intentions or purpose. This more closely aligns with biblical accounts of God as an impersonal Being who wants to know his people intimately – more than merely factual knowledge but an intense, meaningful relationship. Such knowledge forms the cornerstone of eternal life – defined as knowing “the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent.” Furthermore, such understanding provides immense joy and delight for eternal life seekers.

He seeks us out

God is always at work in this world, seeking out its inhabitants in order to build relationships and reconcile them with him – something He has been doing ever since Adam and Eve sinful rebellion washed them out of Eden Garden.

God seeks us out in every possible way, through miracles, healings and answered prayers. But He also looks out for our souls, inviting us to surrender ourselves completely to him so he can guide our lives in the most effective manner. Listening to His voice helps avoid making bad decisions and find true happiness; but in order to hear it we must give up our own desires, plans and dreams for His purposes; we must follow him wherever He leads even if that means giving up possessions or even our lives!

God can be trusted to take care of us because he is an infinite and personal Being who knows every detail of our lives, loves us deeply and created this universe we reside in – this knowledge prompts us to worship him as the most powerful, wise, and loving force on Earth.

God answers prayers according to His will, as revealed by Scripture. When making big decisions, it’s essential not to confuse our desires or fears with His voice – we shouldn’t mistake our own thoughts and ideas as His direction; nor should we become too attached to any outcome. Prayer helps us connect with this divine guidance more directly than worry can. But how do we discern it? To know God’s will is an art form; when making major choices it’s vitally important not to worry but pray instead – and knowing when praying about big decisions it helps us tune our awareness when making big decisions when making big decisions; however when facing tough choices is critical when facing major decisions involving big decisions: when faced with big decisions it is important not worry but instead praying instead; when facing big decisions it is crucial not get attached emotionally attached when making these important decisions!

The Bible reveals that God does not will anyone to perish, but is sovereign over who will be saved or punished. As the ultimate judge and savior, He seeks to preserve values which enhance beauty, goodness, truth in our world as he eliminates evil through persuasive power rather than coercive force. Jewish, Christian and Muslim philosophers such as Maimonides, Augustine of Hippo and Al-Ghazali all describe Him as incorporeal but personal yet the greatest possible being existent – which exemplify his position within these respective traditions.

He takes care of us

God has continually demonstrated His great love for humanity throughout time. From saving us from floods to aiding in exiles and trials in the Old Testament to ultimately providing salvation in Jesus Christ. God is with us every step of the way and if we allow it He will take care of us in every aspect of life – strength in times of trouble, peace when things seem uncertain, guidance at every turn and more!

Many people think of God as an impersonal deity who simply set the universe into motion while paying no mind to what happened on Earth. Others view Him as having an immoral lifestyle who uses human lives for his own benefit – both views are untrue. Instead, He is an attentive Father who cares deeply for His children while continuously working to bring glory to his name.

God doesn’t just care about our physical needs; He also pays close attention to our emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As a loving and kind Father, he’s there when we’re sick or worried – He wants to hear your prayers and will answer them; from bank balances and car maintenance issues all the way up to your family, job prospects, and future plans, His care for you goes beyond physical needs alone.

When feeling discouraged or downcast, remember that God is at work in your life to transform into the image of his son Jesus Christ. Consider all the little ways He has provided for you – be it coffee in bed or kindness from strangers – He even works in difficult areas such as workplace pressures. Remember your job as your mission field and He will assist in serving Him there!

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