Tower of God – Is Tower of God Good?

is tower of god good

Tower of God takes an unconventional approach by starting slowly with extensive world and character building, rather than jumping right into action sequences like other modern shonen titles do.

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Tower of God features an assortment of superpowered individuals in its cast. Its class system – which relies heavily on luck – condemns those without “the right stuff,” but highlights some notable exceptions like Shibisu, Bam (initially), Rachel and others who attempt to climb its towers: Shibisu, Bam and Rachel are notable characters who actively attempt to climb.

As the series unfolds, it becomes easy to connect with these characters. Their stories are filled with action, betrayal and romance while their plot features psychological mysteries to keep audiences on edge.

As well as its main characters, the show features an ensemble cast that has been expertly developed. Many are likeable and have interesting backstories; some, like Anaak and Endorsi in particular, possess multiple layers. Anaak and Endorsi stand out because their determination stems from wanting to show that she can match up against anyone.

Bam is a reluctant hero, which gives him added depth. While his actions may appear naive at times, his refusal to accept defeat or surrender makes him an admirable hero – plus all those blind spots make for fun rooting interest!

As the series progresses, it becomes apparent that Bam and his friends are becoming closer – an essential component of any good show! Their interactions are both fun and believable; even though each character comes from diverse backgrounds with individual motivations.

Tower of God features exquisite character designs that each stand out from the others, with subdued yet vibrant coloring that’s easy on the eyes and great animation, particularly during combat scenes. This show stands as an excellent example of how anime can both visually appealing and highly enjoyable; something more fans should witness first-hand!


Tower of God is an intriguing shonen anime series filled with action and captivating characters. While many animes focus solely on physical combat, Tower of God goes further by delving deeper into psychological decision making within each character’s mind – while this may make the show less action-oriented, it allows viewers to relate better with them as characters.

Twenty-fifth Bam is the protagonist in this tale of action and adventure, living under an enormous tower and mostly alone. In an effort to scale said tower and meet allies along his journey he must pass various tests and overcome enemies before reaching his goal of scaling it – a story with brutal yet beautiful visuals which stands out amongst other shonen titles.

While the main characters are undoubtedly the focal points of Tower of God, there are numerous supporting cast members that help make the show even better. Most notable among these characters is Rak, an extremely primitive spear-bearer with an alligator or crocodile like appearance who boasts constantly about his strength. While other shows might make Rak annoying or annoying hindrances; Tower of God finds ways to keep Rak entertaining while keeping him cared-for and relevant.

Headon, the tower’s mysterious gatekeeper and possessor of enormous power. Yet he can also be quite cunning and manipulative, often seducing new climbers into becoming his personal slaves.

Tower of God features a strong female protagonist named Rachel who, while not as likeable as some of the other characters, remains formidable opponent. While she does exhibit some potentially harmful behavior towards women, some critics have accused her of misogyny; although this claim might not hold up.

Overall, Tower of God is an enjoyable shonen anime worth watching for all ages. It features action, betrayal and psychological puzzles in a plot filled with action, betrayal and psychological intrigue. Furthermore, critics have lauded its attention to detail and character development as well as praise its attention-to-detail animation; though improvements could still be made, watching is well worth your while!


The Tower of God draws you in with an initial encounter from an intriguingly sinister character who promises your greatest desire. After this initial episode, time skips occur that alter many characters significantly; even some that were once familiar become unfamiliar over time. Meanwhile, Twenty-Fifth Bam navigates his new surroundings while experiencing life as an Irregular.

Tower of God stands out among other anime in terms of both action and excitement, yet also boasts an entrancing soundtrack by Kevin Penkin who produced the opening and ending songs that keep audiences transfixed from start to finish. Kevin also worked on producing the OSTs for Made in Abyss and The Rising of the Shield Hero; so you know you won’t be let down when watching Tower of God! It truly delivers!

Tower of God is an impressive anime series to hit shelves recently, offering viewers plenty of enjoyment. While at times slow and repetitive, its captivating story keeps audiences on edge; with frequent cliffhangers keeping us coming back for more and the promise of what may lie ahead keeping viewers hooked.

This animated adaptation of the popular manhwa Tower of God takes place in a world in which people inhabit an impregnable tower sealed off from outside by vast doors that cannot be breached by humans. Each floor in the Tower has its own culture, language, and governance systems – those who reach the summit may find that their wishes have come true; but reaching that goal won’t come easily!

Headon, the caretaker of the first floor, determines who can climb the Tower. Each resident on each floor are known as Chosen Regulars and only those able to pass all tests presented by the tower may ascend it.

This anime is excellent but could have been even greater had its poor pacing been better managed. While the original manga had 70 chapters, 13 episodes isn’t enough time to cover everything necessary in telling this epic tale. Characters are likeable but some minor ones get left behind, since too much focus is given solely on main protagonists.


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The Tower of God is an award-winning manga series recently turned anime. Packed with action, betrayal, romance and psychological puzzles; its story and animation are superb; making this one of the finest shonen animes since Naruto.

Tower of God stands out among recent shonen animes by having highly developed characters. Twenty-fifth Baam, the main character, struggles to reach the top of a tower so he can reconnect with Rachel again. While its story is captivating, its pace could have been improved upon; with only 13 episodes being available during its initial run. Many key events were missed as a result.

Tower of God may have been slower-paced than some other shonen animes, but it still had many positive aspects that make it worth your while. It features an unique world with some extremely interesting characters; its art style and music add a sense of atmosphere, helping set the scene perfectly for this show.

The Tower of God is protected from outside forces by large doors that shut out most outsiders. Headon, who works on the first floor and allows people to ascend it if they prove worthy, allows Baam, an outsider who was chosen by Headon to ascend it if he can meet certain criteria and reach the top so he can join Rachel, his beloved girlfriend, on its summit.

Tower of God will air its third season in 2022 and promises to be just as gripping and thrilling. While previous seasons had plenty of action and betrayal, while its second installment took on more psychological themes – hopefully fans of the show can look forward to an exciting third installment!

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