The Orthodox Church and Abortion

orthodox church and abortion

Several questions emerge when discussing the orthodox church and abortion. First, what is the biblical text on abortion? Why are some people so opposed to the practice? Second, how do we interpret a poll or survey if it supports a particular position? And third, can we reconcile Christological concerns with the stance of abortion advocates? There are several ways to answer these questions. Let’s consider these in turn. Eventually, we’ll be able to address both Christological questions and answer the question, “What is the Bible’s official view on abortion?”


The church teaches that a person does not have the right to kill his unborn child. It recognizes that abortion destroys a divinely-prepared human life and thus is morally wrong. As Christians, we must empathize with those in need and support their efforts to improve their circumstances. Nevertheless, it is still morally wrong to destroy a human life because of financial hardship. We should not begrudge women who want to save their unborn children.

As the Holy Orthodox Church was founded by Jesus Christ and his Apostles, it is its duty to protect life, especially the unborn. While the Church cannot approve or bless abortion, it can reach out to the woman who is considering a procedure to save her unborn child. This includes offering love and support to the woman who is in crisis pregnancy. The Church also calls on the woman to repent and overcome the consequences of her sin.


The orthodox church’s stance on abortion is not the same as that of most of the world’s religions. Catholics, for example, hold a different view. The Catholic Church considers abortion to be a sin, and the practice of abortion prior to quickening is a morally gray area. The Catholic Church rejects the idea that abortion is a right, even in circumstances where the child is not viable.

The Orthodox Church considers it its duty to protect the most vulnerable human beings. Therefore, it cannot sanction abortion. It reaches out to women who are considering abortion and offers them resources and love. The church also calls upon women facing crisis pregnancy to repent and overcome the consequences of sin. Therefore, it is unclear how the Orthodox Church explains its stance on abortion. In short, the church is strongly against abortion.


The Orthodox Church views abortion as a form of murder and opposes it as a contraceptive measure. However, abortion is legal in every major Orthodox country. It is also viewed as a last resort in cases where a pregnancy threatens the life of the mother. The Church is not in favour of the practice, but accepts that it is the most humane option for women facing a crisis pregnancy.

Christians have always opposed abortion. But this opposition is relatively recent. Early Christian writers made a distinction between an “unformed” fetus and a “formed” one. In addition, abortion was acceptable before the soul entered the child. Christian writers also celebrated the conceptions of theotokos and John the Forerunner. They also celebrate the Annunciation, the feast of the conception of Jesus. However, many premodern Christians believe that abortion is not morally wrong.


The orthodox church and the debate over abortion in the media are both incredibly controversial topics. Orthodox Christians are more traditionally-minded than secular authorities when it comes to the issue. In the Soviet past, abortion was widely available, and births consistently outnumbered deaths. Though recent advances in Russian legislation have helped curb the use of abortion, the current state policy is far from what Orthodox believers believe. Here are a few key points to keep in mind about the orthodox church and abortion media.

The orthodox church and the ecclesiastical bodies often have to speak out against injustice in the media. In addition to protesting publicly, Orthodox Christians must participate in legislative processes and use political means to further their political goals. While this may seem counterintuitive, it is a reality for many. This is especially true for the issue of abortion, which affects millions of women worldwide. But the orthodox church and the media should not be viewed as enemies.


The Orthodox Church has consistently condemned abortion, even before it was legal. Abortion destroys a human being and is, therefore, unjust and immoral. However, the Church’s condemnation of abortion is not “new.” It has been condemned since the fall of man, and its condemnation of abortion is as old as humanity. Moreover, with the rise of technology, abortion has become a practical alternative, and even the United States Supreme Court has refused to grant the unborn child any constitutional protection.

The Russian Orthodox Church has consistently adopted more conservative moral positions than the secular authorities. Abortion has long been a controversial issue in Russia. In the Soviet era, it was the only option available for family planning, and abortions far outnumbered births. Although the Russian authorities have gradually increased restrictions on abortion, the current state policy is far from the Church’s ideals. Hence, it is important to recognize the influence of the Orthodox Church on abortion in Russia.

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