Russian Orthodox Church of Roslindale

russian orthodox church roslindale

The Russian Orthodox Church of the Epiphany, Roslindale, Massachusetts is a beautiful parish church. It is filled with people of all walks of life.

The church has a rich history and many relics from the past. It is now undergoing a restoration project that is underway. A talented icon painter is working on restoring the original half-a-century old icon murals.


The Russian Orthodox Church is one of the largest and oldest Christian churches in America. It was brought to this country by immigrants from all over the world who sought freedom and opportunity, and a place to practice their faith.

The Church is an international federation of patriarchal, autocephalous, and autonomous churches that are united under the leadership of a synod of bishops. While each church has its own unique style and history, they all share the fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith and order of Church government.

Holy Epiphany Russian Orthodox Church is located in Roslindale, Massachusetts. It primarily operates in the Greek Orthodox Church business / industry within the Membership Organizations sector. It is estimated to generate $135,840 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 4 people at this single location. The church also has an impressive website, which you can use to find out more about the services offered at the parish. Its website includes a list of the various ways you can connect with this church online, as well as photos and information on its services and history.


The Russian Orthodox Church of Roslindale offers an array of services. The parish offers several types of worship services, including Divine Liturgy, Vespers and Supper Services.

The church also provides a variety of other services, including weddings and funerals. You can contact the parish office if you have any questions or need additional information about the church.

In addition, the church offers a number of educational programs for children and adults. They include classes on faith and prayer, and seminars on various topics.

The Russian Orthodox Church of Roslindale also has a parish school where the children can receive additional education. This is an important part of the church’s mission to preserve true Orthodoxy in the diaspora.


The Russian Orthodox Church has a long tradition of missionary activity. Throughout its history, it has spread the Christian faith to all nations of the world, and brought millions to Christ.

Today, the Synod of Bishops has been given a special charge by God to keep the flame of the Russian Orthodox Church alive abroad, and to preserve the traditions of this ancient, sacred, and universal Christian faith until it is returned to Russia, its homeland.

It is not right, therefore, for Greek priests to attempt to impose their approach of Rigorism on the Synodal Church. This would be akin to trying to impose a narrow interpretation of the Canons on the Synodal Church, and it would be an illogical and unjustified attack.

The Russian Church has always acted with Moderation and Economy on the question of dealing with souls misled by heretics from other jurisdictions. It has done this for thousands of years, and it is a natural consequence of its missionary work.


The Church of the Holy Epiphany is located in a residential neighborhood in Roslindale, Massachusetts. It is accessible via public transit.

The church was designed by Paul P. Pavlov, a noted architect in the medieval Russian Novgorod/Pskov style. The exterior is rendered in all-header yellow brick, and features an onion cupola rising from a hipped roof.

It also has modified barrel roofs in the entrance porch and shallow transepts. The interior is arranged in a traditional theological scheme and has an iconographic program of celestial hierarchy.

As part of the liturgical life of the church, religious classes are offered for children and adults. A parish school is also run from the church hall.

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