Signs That God is Saying Yes

signs god is saying yes

Are You Seeking Signs from God? God communicates in various ways – through friends or life events; He may also offer signs that He is responding positively to your prayer request.

Mistakingly misinterpreting God’s communication can be easy, so let’s consider 6 signs He’s responding positively to your request.

1. You Get a Sign

Signs are any action, gesture, image, word or sound which communicate meaning. Semiotics is the study of signs.

God may send signs to get your attention, but if you’re so focused on meeting your goals that they don’t register with you, He’ll put up barriers until it’s time to listen.

Have you ever received advice from a wise teacher or friend, only to reject it outright? Your stubborn focus could be blocking signs that God is telling you yes – He’s trying to tell you to slow down and take your time, knowing it will bring happiness in return. He loves you; He always knows best; so stop ignoring His signs!

2. You Get a Friend

God is a loving and attentive Father who wants only good for you and wants your marriage to flourish and bring happiness and satisfaction.

Sometimes God will reveal to us clearly that someone isn’t right for us through prayer or advice from Christian friends and family members.

Your friends’ advice should be taken seriously and taken to heart, since ignoring it could have severe repercussions for your future relationship. Listening and trusting the Lord for guidance are best as He shows you the path that leads towards real happiness both now and forever.

3. You Get a Message

Sometimes God gives us clear messages about what he wants for us – this could come through prayer time with Him or from scripture verses that keep popping into our heads – yet sometimes these signs don’t feel right and we ignore them anyways, such as warnings against certain individuals being the right fit and then following through anyway with it anyways, ultimately leading to frustration.

Another way you might receive a sign is through seeing signs that the person you’re interested in is seeking God, sharing common values and having a heart for serving others – this type of love known as Agape as described by 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is what will turn any relationship into marriage.

4. You Get a Dream

God often answers prayer through dreams or visions that come directly to each individual, both individual and general in nature.

God may provide you with visions of what lies ahead, such as an individual or event; however, it’s essential that you can distinguish between his voice and your imagination.

Dreams and visions should always be seen as signs of faith rather than miraculous interventions from God, as they represent His will for your life and should be used alongside prayers to bring about change in your circumstances. They should also adhere to Scripture.

5. You Get a Vision

God may present you with an obscure or less-than-obvious vision that doesn’t quite line up with what you’re hoping for, but don’t ignore it as it could be His answer to your prayer. Don’t overlook His answers either – they could be signs that He is saying yes!

God can also reveal His answer by opening new doors. For instance, if you pray for a job and He says no, He may open opportunities at your current place of employment instead.

God may also send you people who can gently challenge your desire. These could include teachers or godly friends who care for you. They might use scripture as evidence that what you want does not fit with His plan for your life. Listening to them could be a sure sign that He’s saying yes!

6. You Get a Sign

If the Lord wants you to take a certain path, He’ll often open an unexpected window for you to pass through. These could include new perspectives on your circumstances or input from others; even obstacles that demonstrate this isn’t the right time could open their way into it all.

Signs don’t just take the form of visual images – they can also come in audio form such as siren noise. Or they could take the form of patterns of behavior, thoughts, or events which send a message; no matter their manifestations they will confirm God’s will for your life and help provide confidence to move forward with Him.

7. You Get a Sign in the Light

God may not communicate directly with all of us, but He can still use other channels of communication: our spiritual senses, wise counsel from teachers or godly friends, or even circumstances to get our attention.

They may also confirm who the right partner for you is through other signs, for instance a deep love that does not include self-seeking elements like lust but is instead consistent with 1 Corinthians 13:4-8’s true agape love.

God will make it clear when His love is moving in your relationship because it won’t simply feel right but also be what’s best for your life and glorifying Him. Additionally, He’ll bless this union and provide an open door. That is a sure sign he’s your one and only.

8. You Get a Sign in the Light of God’s Spirit

God often provides signs in the form of supernatural illumination or enlightenment, for instance while reading your Bible, certain verses may stand out to you and indicate their significance to your life.

God provides many signs to indicate He has heard and answered your prayers. Additionally, these can serve as warnings if your requests do not align with His will. By becoming attuned with your inner guidance (Holy Spirit or not), it becomes easier to discern when something comes from within rather than simply emotional turmoil or fears from within yourself – and know when He sends a check in your spirit that He knows best!

9. You Get a Sign in the Light of God’s Word

If the prayer you’re offering doesn’t match God’s will, He won’t say yes; rather He may try to prevent you from pursing that thing with too much energy. David sought permission to build a temple but was told no (1 Chronicles 28) while Paul begged three years for God to remove a thorn in his body but was turned down (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

God usually confirms His refusal through circumstances or people – either directly to you, through family, friends, coworkers and church members; or with an ‘intuition’ that what you’re asking for isn’t His best choice. Occasionally He also shows His will through scripture which remains timeless.

10. You Get a Sign in the Light of God’s Will

God will always reveal himself to us through signs, whether that means Scripture, sermons, Christian media, people or circumstances – or it could just be that his answer is different than expected.

God never agrees to anything that goes against His will, so His response may be no rather than yes if that’s His plan for you. Perhaps He wants you to learn that it’s better not asking for what you want than receiving it and finding out it doesn’t benefit your well-being.

Do you often ignore God’s messages to you? This could be a huge mistake – so pay attention to what your gut, input from others, and any obstacles indicate to you as being potentially harmful paths for growth.

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