Orthodox Saints Quotes on Marriage

orthodox saints quotes on marriage

There are many quotes from orthodox saints that can be used to inspire and motivate couples to have happy and fulfilling marriages. These include St. Basil, St. John Chrysostom, and St. Peter. These saints are known for their wisdom and spiritual guidance. They all have powerful messages to share with couples.

St. John Chrysostom

The marriage should be a union of equality. The husband and wife should each be equal in dignity and honor. The husband and wife are responsible for the well-being of the house and each should love one another. The wife’s place in the house should not be inferior to her husband’s, as Paul writes.

The husband should respect his wife enough to help her if she needs it. If his wife is feeling sad, he should hold her gently. If he sees that his wife is cheerful, he should share in her joy. Marriage is a spiritual journey for the husband and the wife.

One of St. John Chrysostom’s most famous quotes on marriage is “You must love your wife as God loves you.” He states that marriage should be “a heavenly communion” and “truly fruitful.”

St. Basil

One of the Orthodox saints’ quotes on marriage is the one that is chanted during the wedding service. This prayer asks God to fill the couple with the “fruits of the Spirit” – peace, joy, harmony, and love. These qualities make a marriage a path towards holiness.

The Church’s view of marriage is based on a spiritual and eternal perspective. A loving husband and wife are meant to cooperate with each other. The Church believes that a married couple will be together forever in Heaven. However, the husband and wife have their own unique roles.

The Church sees marriage and monasticism as two paths to true holiness. However, some people try to set up an opposition between marriage and monasticism. Others encourage everyone to enter monasticism, declaring that it is the only way to reach holiness. Whether or not one chooses to follow these paths depends on the individual, but they both share the same goals.

St. Methodius

The importance of enduring love is an essential ingredient in a happy marriage, and Saints Cyril and Methodius’s quotes on marriage reflect this truth. They made a point to always remain faithful to one another, even during times of persecution and conflict. They also stressed the importance of the church in human affairs and the importance of Christ as the Word made flesh.

Marriage is a sacred institution. God has made it so, and it should be respected. It should be a reflection of God’s infinite mercy.

St. Peter

In the early church, St. Peter Chrysologus, a Catholic priest, gave his followers advice on marriage. He stated that love is patient and kind. It does not boast or belittle others and does not delight in their wrongdoing. Love is self-sacrificing and endures all things. But nowadays, few Catholic wedding ceremonies cite the Epistle of St. Peter Chrysologus as their marriage benediction.

In the Church, marriage is a sacred union. It is a union between two people of free will, not of coercion. And it is a union of two souls with a common purpose. In Christian marriage, the husband and wife are equal, complementing each other in their complementary nature.

St. Fevronia

Peter and Fevronia are considered the patron saints of marriage and the family. Many young parishioners pray before their icon for help in finding a spouse and in building a strong family. The saints were renowned for their humility and almsgiving. Their quotes are found in many Christian publications.

Peter and Fevronia were Orthodox saints. They modeled Christian marriage and are powerful motivation for all who seek a strong and happy marriage. Their love for one another and for God never dies, no matter what obstacles may be in their way. They had to overcome many hardships in their lives before their marriage could reach perfection, but their love and steadfastness never wavered.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. It forms a community of people, and it is a sacrament. It brings Christ into our lives and teaches us how to love. This is the reason why we should be committed to our spouses.

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