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russian orthodox church jacksonville fl

The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCOR) is a self-governing part of the Russian Orthodox Church established in 1920 by Russian communities outside Soviet Union that refused to acknowledge Moscow Patriarchate authority.

Although church membership has been declining, some ROCOR churches are experiencing an uptick in new growth from converts. This has resulted in the formation of several new ROCOR communities.


The Russian Orthodox Church is a spiritual force with an inspiring liturgy, prayerfulness and icons. Despite centuries of Tsarist rule and suppression of its monastic life, this Church has endured and flourished.

In post-Soviet times, the Russian Orthodox Church was able to revive itself and become a formidable force in spreading Russian traditions abroad. This revival was largely due to the dedication of clergy and laity who continued their support of their church even under trying circumstances.

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Orthodox Christians believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God and practice a faith rooted in the Old Testament. Though there are more than two dozen branches of this church, their beliefs in Scripture and worship practices unify them.

Orthodoxy is a religion that dates back to the first century. For millennia, it has served as a spiritual unifier between people of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

Orthodox churches in the United States are relatively few in number, but they remain an integral part of many people’s lives. According to sociology of religion Alexei Krindatch, active adherents make up approximately 0.4% of population in this country.

ROCOR, with its large membership base, has encountered difficulties in recent years. One such difficulty has been an influx of extremists into the church who spread their views through online forums or social media channels in the name of Orthodoxy.

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The Russian Orthodox Church of Jacksonville, Fl is a membership-run organization that has been in operation for around 9 years.

The Russian Orthodox church of Jacksonville’s website is well designed and boasts an active social media presence. Furthermore, visitors can learn more about their history and service times on the website.

One of the most fascinating features of the Russian Orthodox church of Jacksonville website is their blog, which has been active for over 10 years. The journal serves as an online diary of events and activities at the church as well as some general news items from around the world.

Another impressive aspect of the Russian Orthodox Church Jacksonville (ROCJV) is their social media page, which has been active for six years. They boast a significant following and active engagement on Twitter as well as several Facebook groups. If you’re searching for an Orthodox church in Jacksonville, FL, ROCJV’s website should be your go-to stop!


The Russian Orthodox Church is a global faith with presence in most countries and cities. As the largest Christian denomination, it serves as the official religion of Russia.

Laura Riccardi-Swartz, a historian, has recently documented an increasing nativist trend within Orthodox Christianity. She discovered that an online network of American converts to ROCOR who produce podcasts and live video chats on social media are offering an increasingly politicized version of Orthodoxy to the world.

Many ROCOR members find the views expressed to be often xenophobic, antisemitic and in support of white nationalists. These comments often leave them puzzled and bewildered.

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