Russian Orthodox Church Des Plaines Il

russian orthodox church des plaines il

Russian Orthodox church des plaines il offers religious study for children and youth, in addition to regular services. Additionally, this parish hosts a Ukrainian folk dance group as well as other activities and fundraisers throughout the community.

Inside, a stunning cathedral unites militarism and Orthodox Christianity to stunning and highly controversial effect. During Vladimir Putin’s two decades in power, it has become the symbol of Russian national identity.

What is Orthodoxy?

Orthodoxy is the name for a particular Christian faith and tradition. It affirms the truthfulness of the Bible, Creeds (Apostles’ and Nicene), as well as seven ecumenical councils.

Orthodoxy is derived from two Greek words, orthos and doxa, meaning “straight” or “right.” In religious terminology, it implies steadfast adherence to the original beliefs which were passed down from founders to followers.

Orthodoxy can also refer to other kinds of orthodox behavior, such as adhering to traditional medical procedures. The persistence of orthodox beliefs can be observed in both religious and secular life alike.

What is Holy Virgin Protection Orthodox Cathedral?

The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Holy Virgin Protection in Manhattan is one of the city’s most stunning ecclesiastical structures. It features an exquisite choir singing ethereal music from its lofty ceiling.

In 1968, Protection parish was formed from a chapel and non-denominational church. Father Vladimir Chikanovsky served as its rector; he also organized sisterhood activities and an educational program for parish children.

The church’s history in America is an inspiring microcosm of Orthodoxy. It tells a captivating tale of saints and sinners, struggles and triumphs alike.

How can I become a part of our parish?

If you are interested in becoming a part of our parish family, feel free to reach out directly. We can provide you with details on how to become an official member and our upcoming events.

Our Cathedral is a vibrant and active parish with members of all backgrounds and ages. Many are converts from other faith traditions, while others are Russian emigrants who recently settled in the area.

Our parish priests possess a deep passion and respect for the history of the Russian Orthodox Church, which they share with their parishioners. At Holy Virgin Protection they strive to create an inviting atmosphere where everyone feels safe while learning about Orthodox Faith.

Father Sergii Alekseev was elevated to Archpriest and Parish Rector on October 1, 2020 – The Feast of Protection of the Mother of God. He has been an enthusiastic supporter of our Cathedral for years, leading Divine Liturgy services both in English and Russian.

How can I help?

One of the best ways to serve a church is by volunteering your time and talents. Whether it is helping in the parish office, serving at a soup kitchen, or organizing youth activities, you can make an immense impact in your local community by simply being available to lend a helping hand.

The church offers several programs and initiatives designed to enrich the lives of all its members, both spiritual and secular. These include religious study for children of all ages, an ever-improving choir, a social hour after every Divine Liturgy, as well as an extensive outreach program that serves local communities in need.

Volunteering at Holy Virgin Protection Orthodox Cathedral can be a real hassle, so we have created these resources to make your job simpler:

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