Orthodox Saints – The Ultimate Role Models

In Orthodox Christian tradition, the Saints are considered the ultimate role models. They are “friends of God” who pleased God in their worldly life, sanctified their body and soul, and entered God’s bosom after their passing into eternal life. Afterwards, they were given the power to pray for those who remained in this world. Because of their exemplary lives and their sanctity, the Saints are a perfect example for aspiring Orthodox Christians.

Abba Hedra

Abba Hedra was an Egyptian Orthodox monk and Metropolitan of Aswan. He died at the age of 81 from a disease known as COVID-19. A funeral service was held in his honor in Cairo. Pope Tawadros II paid tribute to him, calling him a pillar of the contemporary church. He had been dedicated to Christ since his early years.

St Isaac

The seventh century Christian hermit St Isaac of Nineveh is revered by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Oriental Orthodox Church for his writings and asceticism. He is also known as St Isaac of Nineveh or the Syrian Isaac.

St Dalmatus

The Orthodox Church commemorates St. Dalmatus, a monk who was raised to archimandrite status and died at age 90. His son Faustus succeeded him and he reposed in the Lord.

St Anne

St Anne is a very important saint of the Orthodox Church. She is the patron saint of women, young girls, widows, and the family. She also helps those who are in need of protection.

St Alexis

St Alexis is an Orthodox saint of the Eastern rite. He was born in Slovakia to a family of priests. In his early years, he became a diocese chancellor and a seminar director, and eventually studied canon law and Church history in a Roman Catholic seminary. But his love for the Orthodox faith never wavered.

Fr. Alexis

Alexis was born in Mississippi, and spent his formative years in Greenville. His family moved to Laurel, Mississippi, during his teenage years, and later to Mesa, Arizona, where he met Matushka Veronika. During this time, Alexis became a Christian, and began serving in the Orthodox Church.

St Nicholas

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children, although he was also an important warrior for the Orthodox faith. He fought against the impious heresy of Arius, who attempted to divide the holy body of Christ. He was one of the great warriors for the faith, despite being imprisoned for defending Orthodoxy.

St Basil

Founded in 1990 in Garden City, New York, the Orthodox Church of St. Basil consists of a group of Orthodox Christians who are members of a Christian brotherhood. The church’s services are held in a chapel that is part of the Cathedral of Incarnation Episcopal Church, which has permitted the use of the chapel by members of the Christian brotherhood. In 2001, the church moved to Franklin Square and has grown from a group of 12 families to over 80 families and 300 faithful.

St Basil the Great

Saint Basil the Great was an orthodox saint who fought against Arianism in the early church. He is credited with denouncing Arianism at the Council of Constantinople in 381 and for promoting Nicene orthodoxy. He also battled simony and aided the poor. He sought to improve the church by establishing strict clerical discipline and fearlessly denounced evil. He ordained deacons and priests at an early age and preached daily. He was a great orator and a man of great personal holiness.

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