Orthodox Saints Quotes Regarding Prayer

orthodox saints quotes regarding prayer

The orthodox saints’ quotes on prayer provide guidance in the way we pray and approach God. These quotes are especially helpful to us in times of doubt. They also remind us to put ourselves in His feet. Prayer, like fasting, is one way to experience God’s presence in our lives. It is also a great way to strengthen our faith.


One of the best quotes on prayer is from St. Ignatius of Loyola. In this short and profound quote, he emphasizes the importance of prayer to our spiritual growth. Without prayer, we would not know the extent of our weakness. This is why we should pray often, as this will humble us before God and others.

We should pray with good will towards our neighbor. Rather than rebuking our neighbors for their sins, we should pray for their conversion. This is a much better way to pray than to condemn them for their sins. Rebuking sinners who boast of their virtues is not beneficial to the lover of truth. Instead of insulting a sinner, we should correct him out of the fear of God.


According to the Bible, if you are pure in heart, you can see God. This truth is true even for the saints. But it can only be achieved if we remain humble and watchful. Therefore, the saints teach us to avoid pride and impurity in our lives.

Humility means being unselfish. A humble person does not desire to be compared to the lowest, yet he grieves if he is granted the first place at the table. Humility is preceded by grace, and high-mindedness is preceded by God’s punishment. Therefore, it is not the solaces of the soul, which determine the spiritual success of a person, but the depth of humility.

The object of spirituality is a life of studying, praying, and living. This means developing a love for others and a desire to serve God. When a person longs for God, the intellect is turned away from the flesh. This means the intellect is shut off from the thoughts that arise in the senses, memory, and soul-mind-body temperament. In time, this reverence will turn into joy.


Orthodox saints quotes regarding charity in prayer are not merely words. They are actions, and they must be done in the right manner. The right way is to avoid being selfish and self-serving. This will not only help you gain spiritual growth, but also help you to avoid being humiliated by others.

Unhypocritical love

The Orthodox saints’ quotes on prayer often speak of the need to pray with good will towards the neighbor, rather than with a desire to condemn the neighbor’s sin. For the person who loves the truth, rebuking a sinner is not an action that will benefit him. However, correcting a sinner with a fear of God is a good action to take. The opposite, however, is not a form of good will.

The saints were not merely observing God, they were also observing the world around them. They were observing and learning from the people they encountered. Some of these saints were living in remote areas of Russia, and they were surrounded by animals, including bears. The saints would often feed the animals with their hands, and mingling with bears didn’t seem to faze them.

Oneness of mind

Oneness of mind is a fundamental element of prayer. One of the best ways to develop a strong prayer life is to learn how to pray in a quiet place away from the distractions of the world. The Orthodox Church calls such people Holy Fathers. They fought to preserve the truth of the apostles and the experience of living communion with God. This experience gave birth to the Orthodox Church and a host of saints.

Oneness of mind means being free from all inclinations to desire the things of this world. It is an eternal reality that transcends our temporal life and allows us to truly feel our connection to God. When our mind is free from our earthly desires, we are completely united with the Lord. This unity helps us become more like God and less like the devil.

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