Orthodox Saints by Month

can orthodox saints by month

If you are an Orthodox Christian, you may want to know who are the patron saints for the month of April. Some of the most popular saints in the Orthodox Church include St Agnes, St Agrippina, St Anastasia, and St Sophia. You may also like to know more about the Western Athanasius, St Julian of Le Mans, and Blessed Jerome of Stridon.

Patriarch of Constantinople

The Patriarch of Constantinople is an important figure in the Orthodox Christian faith. A patriarch is appointed to lead his people in worshiping Christ, and his role is to promote the Orthodox Faith. He also tries to alleviate the suffering of people and challenge un-Christian practices. He is also the patron saint of the city of Constantinople.

The Ecumenical Patriarchate has its headquarters in the Church of St George in the Fener district of Istanbul. While the territory of the Patriarchate has shrunk since its height, it still includes most of the modern day Turkey, Greece, and Mount Athos. It also includes much of Oceania and Northeast Asia.

Other notable saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church are St. Cosmas the Hagiopolis, the first-century patriarch of Constantinople, St. Ignatius of Mithymna, and St. John the Short. There are also a number of other saints that are commemorated each month, including St. Theoctiste of Lesbos, St. Nicholas of Chernigov, and St. Burchard, the 1st-century bishop of Wurzburg. Some of these saints were also martyrs, including St. Manaccus.


Among the saints of the orthodox calendar is Saint Dionysius the Areopagite. Born into a privileged family in Athens, Dionysius converted to Christianity under the guidance of Saint Paul. Later on, he became a bishop, and is regarded as one of the most influential Christians of the early Christian era. He was also a wealthy man who had several children. Later, he traveled to Jerusalem and converted to the Orthodox faith.

Dionysius was born and raised in Athens, where he studied under the Apostle Paul. He was a witness to the Crucifixion and solar eclipse and preached the Word of God. He was also chosen as bishop of Athens and saw the repose of the Most Holy Theotokos.

Although Latin Orthodox Saints were traditionally excluded from the Orthodox calendar, their names have been reintroduced to it. Currently, Latin Orthodox Saints can be found on the calendar of the Romanian, Greek, and Arabic churches. They are also included in other Orthodox calendars, but their dates are different than the Latin ones.


One of the most beloved orthodox saints by the month, Anastasios, is also known as the Apostle of the Poor. He was a young man when he became a theologian, and was determined to become one. He spent long hours studying Scripture and the Writings of the Holy Fathers. He also gathered wisdom and taught it to those who needed it. He also taught the lower grades in an orphanage.

Anastasios is an important orthodox saint for many reasons. He was a great theologian, an ecclesiastical statesman, and even an Egyptian national leader. His holiness is revered by many Christian denominations as well as in the Orthodox Church. He is particularly revered for his defense of Christianity, defending it from Arianism, a belief that Christ is not of equal substance to the Father. He was also a friend of Anthony the Great and often wrote to him.

Anastasios’ name is a common Greek name. It is related to the Greek word for resurrection, so he has multiple feast days. In fact, his name day falls on Easter Sunday, which is an important holiday for Christians.

Daniil Katounakiotis

Daniil Katounakiot is an Orthodox saint who lived in Smyrna. He was a worthy successor of Blessed Nikodimos the Athonite and a prolific author of spiritual treatises. He was also a close friend of Nektarios of Pentapolis and a mentor of the holy brotherhood of Daniilei. His feast day is celebrated annually on the 7th day of September.

Born in Lycia, Asia Minor, in the third century, Saint Basil demonstrated a love of virtue from an early age. He abstained from breastfeeding every Wednesday and Friday until evening and was prone to solitude and silence. His writings have been lost, so no one knows exactly what he did in his later years.

Among his many accomplishments, Daniel was a monk and connected with the elder Philotheos Zervakos and Elder Theodosia. He helped the writer Alexandros Moraitidis to become a monk. He also became a disciple of Joseph the Hesychast. His canonization will take place on 9 March 2020, along with the canonization of three other monks.

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