Orthodox Saint Medals

orthodox saint medals

Orthodox saint medals can be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection. These pieces feature images of different saints who are renowned in the Christian faith. While the cross is the most important piece of jewelry in the Christian faith, medallions serve as a supplement. These small pieces can also be worn as a reminder of a particular devotion.

Geuzen medals

The earliest Geuzen medals were created during the early days of the Dutch Revolt, during the first half of the Eighty Years’ War. Many of them were intended to communicate a political message. This article looks at some of the most well-known examples. The medals were not always inscribed with a religious or political message. They were often struck on rolled silver plate.

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has a Geuzen medal with the words “half moon” on it. This medal is also cast in silver and is roughly tooled. It differs only in the lettering. While this is a very rare medal, it is one of the few that is known of.

St. Christopher medals

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the upcoming milestone birthday of your child or a souvenir to commemorate a family trip, you can find a variety of St. Christopher medals at an affordable price. These pieces are a popular gift among first-time drivers and nervous parents who want to give something symbolic to their child. You can even find a necklace that hangs on the rear-view mirror of your car.

You can also find Catholic Patron Saint Medals for St. Christopher that bring a spiritual blessing to your neck. You can also find a Saint Andrew medal, which honors a Christian apostle and is the patron of Greece, Russia, and Scotland. And, if you prefer to wear a Saint Anne medal, you’ll be displaying the patronage of Saint Anne, the grandma of Jesus and Mary. Although she isn’t mentioned in the Quran or other authoritative accounts, she is considered to be a patron of the poor and the lost.

St. Ulrich medals

If you’re looking for St. Ulrich medals for orthodox saints, there are a few things you should know. These saints often go hand in hand, and a St. Ulrich medal is a great way to show your faith and support them! These medals can be obtained through various means, including religious organizations and online stores.

Ulrich was born in Kyburg, a city in present-day Switzerland. His parents were Hupald II, Count of Dillingen, and Dietpirch, Count of Swabia. His maternal grandfather was Adalbert II, Count of Thurgau. His family had connections to the dukes of Almannia and the Ottonian dynasty.

St. Jason medals

St. Jason prayer medals are made of sterling silver or gold filled. They are 0.75″ in diameter. You can choose between 14kt gold or sterling silver. You can also get a gold-filled medal, which is an even better option for those who want to keep their Saint Jason prayer medals forever.

Jason was born in Tarsus, a city in Cilicia, and was later named Bishop of Tarsus. He later travelled to the island of Corfu with Apostle Sosipater, where he converted many pagans to Christianity. He eventually died in Corfu. While he was suffering for his faith, Jason drew many souls to Christ.

St. Paul medals

Orthodox saints medals have various uses. The first one is to invoke God’s protection and blessing. Another use is to keep a reminder of Christ’s death on the cross. A medal with the name of Saint Benedict is an excellent choice to wear while praying. Some people place it on their person or even put it on their neck.

Other uses of medals include protection from vices, disease, and curses. The reverse side of the medal has the inscription, Vade retro satana (Begone, Satan). It is sometimes worn alone, or as part of a rosary.

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