Orthodox Lives of the Saints

orthodox lives of the saints

Orthodox Lives of the Saints are a wonderful way to learn more about some of the great saints that we have in the Church. They are available in a variety of different formats. You can find them in print, on DVD, or in an e-book format. Some of the Saints that are featured include Macarius of Alexandria, Joseph of Arimathea, Isaiah the Hermit, Blessed Theodore, and others.

Isaiah the Hermit

Father Isaiah was a famous hermit. His life had a significant influence on the development of Christianity. He founded the St. Nicephorus Hermitage on Vazhe Lake. There are many stories and anecdotes about him in the hermitage.

The early Christian leaders were considered divine prophets. Their influence continued to be felt throughout Christendom for centuries. They were worshipped with boundless admiration.

In the Middle Ages, the monastic system influenced social and political life. It was a model for subsequent centuries. Among the hermits of the time were Hilarion, Nicander, and Paphnutius.

During the nineteenth century, the hermits of Russia were persecuted. The ecclesiastical authorities harassed them with excessive regulations. Several of them were exiled from their dioceses.

As a matter of fact, the lives of some of the great saints were inspired by the lives of their desert predecessors. The hermits meditated on the beauty of heaven, the horrors of hell, and the vanity of the world.

Macarius of Alexandria

Saint Macarius of Alexandria was a great ascetic. He devoted himself to the contemplation of God and unending prayer. As a result, he had many miracles. He healed people and cast out demons. His mystical words pierced the hearts of those who heard him.

He dwelt in an ascetic monastery. The monastery consisted of a group of monks living in separate cells. They were taught to perform ascetic deeds. This included basket weaving. In this monastery, Macarius became the head of the community.

When the bishop arrived, Macarius was ordained. Although he was against becoming a cleric, he complied with his parents’ wishes. Afterward, he left to another village.

After a short period, Macarius returned to the monastery. It was at this time that Abba Anthony came to see him. He admired Macarius and tried him. At the same time, he saw the demons mocking the weakest monks. During the liturgical chanting, he was able to see the demons.

Joseph of Arimathea

In the first century, Joseph of Arimathea was a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth. He was from a wealthy Jewish family and was a member of the Sanhedrin. As a member of the Sanhedrin, he was a respected figure.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea was entrusted with the burial of the Lord. Joseph was an obedient servant of Christ during his lifetime. When he heard of Jesus’ death, he bought a linen shroud to cover the body.

During his lifetime, Joseph was a faithful follower of Christ and a respected member of the Sanhedrin. At the end of his life, he died in England. Several legends about him exist in England. These include his connection with the legend of the Holy Grail.

Joseph of Arimathea is remembered in Catholic and Orthodox traditions. His feast day is celebrated on July 31.

Several saints are associated with Joseph of Arimathea. According to Saint John Chrysostom, Joseph was sent on missionary journeys. He was also said to have been a member of the Seventy Apostles.

Blessed Theodore

Blessed Theodore in the orthodox lives of the saints is an example of a servant of Christ. He worked miracles and performed many healings in Herakleia in the Pontus province. His holiness was a source of joy for his grandmother, Elpidia. She loved him more than her two daughters.

In the book of Job, Elihu says that “the spirit of the Almighty is in the human race.” He also affirmed that it was “the breath of the Almighty which teaches.”

In the orthodox lives of the saints, the most blessed Archbishop Paul received holy Theodore and encouraged him to become a bishop. Maurice, who became Emperor on the death of Tiberius, asked him to pray for his Empire. Having a great respect for him, he agreed to adopt him as a brother.

Saint Theodore went to Jerusalem for the third time. He was joined by a procession below the monastery. At his request, the metropolitan celebrated Communion for him.

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