Orthodox Church Prayer for Ukraine

orthodox church prayer for ukraine

During this time of sorrow, we can pray for the Ukrainian churches and episcopate. We ask the Lord Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of the Father, to look down on his children and hear their cries of pain and sorrow. May He bless them and give them courage. And may His Holy Spirit comfort them. They are in need of your comfort and care. We pray that the Ukrainian church, episcopacy, and clergy will work to restore peace and justice in Ukraine.

Lord Jesus Christ our God, look down with Thy merciful eye on the sorrow and greatly-painful cry of Thy children

“Look down with merciful eye upon the sorrow and greatly-painful cry for Thy children in Ukraine, O God of our Fathers!” This prayer is a prayer to the heavenly Father. Let us remember the covenant He made with the Israelites, which guarantees their descendants eternal life.

Throughout the world, suffering brings people closer to God, and we should not overlook the role it plays in the world. It refines character, increases faith and makes us more compassionate. It is in the midst of suffering that we are most compassionate, and God calls us to comfort those in need.

We should pray for the souls of those who have fallen in Ukraine’s fratricidal strife. We must pray for the forgiveness of the souls of the departed Ukrainian Christians. May God grant them eternal life in His glory and grant them eternal life.

Ukrainian episcopacy

As the Ukrainian episcopacy struggles to rebuild its church, the Orthodox church is praying for its departed bishops and clergy. In particular, the prayers focus on the departed Ukrainian Christians who have perished in the fratricidal strife in Ukraine. Those who have perished are being prayed for so they may be forgiven of all their sins.

The situation in Ukraine has been exacerbated in recent months. In addition to a recent Bishops’ Assembly, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has been facing increasing pressure and groundless criminal prosecution. Its hierarchy has been summoned to talk with the Ukrainian Security Service, and its members have been prevented from leaving the country.

Ukrainian clergy

The Ukrainian clergy and the Ukrainian people need your prayers. They have found the inner strength to speak to their opponents of peace and brotherhood and are fighting for the right of Ukrainians to live according to their faith. They want to preserve the traditions and moral values of Ukraine that have shaped the civilization of Holy Rus.

There have been many challenges for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In the past, it has been the target of right-wing radicals and threats from the government. However, when the OCU was established, this situation changed dramatically. In the end, hundreds of parishes left the UOC-MP and joined the OCU.

Ukrainian churches

The Ukrainian churches in the United States have been filled with people of all faiths and backgrounds. Many have come to pray and express solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Many Americans of Ukrainian descent have also joined the Ukrainian churches in the U.S. because of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. The World Council of Churches has prayed for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Ukraine and cited Russia as an example.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian church has been overflowing with prayers and support for the Ukrainian people. Parishioners have spent long days praying and fighting off anxiety over their family and loved ones. Parishioner Marta Petrash has been calling her mother in rural Ukraine and friends in major cities, where they have sought refuge in underground subway stations.

Ukrainian government

The recent Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a crisis for Ukraine. In the aftermath of the attack, the Orthodox church in Ukraine prayed for the Ukrainian government. But the Ukrainian government officials have not reciprocated. The Western countries have launched a media campaign against Ukraine to destroy its economy and destroy the country’s mental health. Some of the UGCC’s top leaders and hierarchs have also joined the propaganda campaign, claiming to be on the side of their “partners” in Russia.

Orthodox church leaders around the world are now praying for Ukraine. This prayer has been a staple of church services around the world for years. It was written as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022. The Ukrainian Chorus Dumka of New York even performed it in the cold open of Saturday Night Live.

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