Orthodox Church Incense

orthodox church incense

For worshipping in the Orthodox Church, you’ll need a special kind of incense. These cones are traditionally used in this tradition. Traditionally, they’re burned with special charcoal, although resin can also be burned directly in an incense burner. In addition to getting incense from special suppliers, churches and monasteries may also make their own. These scents include Frankincense, Myrrh, Rose, and others.

Old Church Incense

Incense is one of the most important elements of liturgical worship in the Orthodox Church. Some people view it as a symbol from the Old Testament, and this view is understandable as the Bible explicitly states that it is acceptable for worship. Incense was a key part of worship in the Old Testament, as the Lord commanded Moses to build an altar and to burn incense on it. It was a ritual practice that symbolized prayers ascending to Heaven.

Ancient churches used incense in order to offer a sacrifice to God. The incense was burned in golden bowls or censers. The Hebrews’ Epistle mentions that the priests offered incense in these bowls. In the Bible, incense was used to worship God, as it ascended as a pleasing aroma. In addition, censers were used to facilitate worship in the orthodox church.


In addition to smelling delicious, frankincense and myrrh also have medicinal properties. During a liturgical service, the aromas of the two substances are believed to enhance the worshiper’s presence in the Divine Presence. Both are aromatic substances that interact with light in a unique and sensory way. Both frankincense and myrrh are spiritual substances that purify the soul, bringing it closer to God.

The early Christian authors of the NT saw incense as a means of devotion and ritual. A Greek-speaking priest from Antioch, John Chrysostom, offered an interpretation of Cain’s sacrifice of incense: “It was an abomination.” He maintained that while Noah’s offerings to the gods smelled sweet, Cain’s incense was a sin.


When burned in a church, cedar orthodox church incense has the same fragrance as the traditional Protestant or Catholic incense. This fragrant smoke is made from a mixture of resins, oils, and herbs and is considered a symbol of heavenly worship. It is burned during the liturgy to offer a foretaste of heaven. Traditionally, incense was burned during sacraments like the Eucharist or the funeral Mass, and is used to honor the dead.

There are several different kinds of cedar orthodox church incense on the market, and the type you choose will depend on your personal preferences. The Cedar variety is the most popular, with a sweet, aromatic aroma, while the Lebanon variety is a little spicier. Both types have their own distinct aromas, and whichever one you choose, you’re sure to enjoy its aroma. Cedar orthodox church incense is made with real cedar and fir needle, which is why it is so valuable in the ancient church.

Fir needle

Incense is one of the oldest forms of religious and spiritual expression. Its roots go back to ancient temples and churches. These places of worship often use incense in religious celebrations. The ingredients of incense vary widely, but most often it’s a blend of cedar & fir needle, frankincense, and spices. This ancient mixture of ingredients is known as the Old Church Incense.

In the First and Second Temples, incense was an important part of priestly worship. The fragrant mixture of galbanum, frankincense, and herbs was burned on the altar as a gift to God. Today, incense is burned in the church during every service, and the burning of incense is considered a form of worship. It is also used in Christian ceremonies.


When it comes to a true Orthodox church experience, nothing compares to the aroma of myrrh-infused vetiver incense. It’s a deeply symbolic scent, representing the Holy Spirit and the prayers of church members ascending towards heaven. Unfortunately, sourcing good quality incense can be difficult. Istik Church Supplies in Calgary is a great source of incense, as well as incense burners.

Traditionally, vetiver-scented incense was used for cleansing. Its strong aroma carried the prayers, requests and complaints of believers to God. Even today, many people believe that incense has some cleaning properties and can help sanitize a space. Orthodox and Catholic churches were once regularly cleansed using the smoke from fragrant resins. It is no wonder that these fragrant resins were used for centuries to help prevent mold and other unpleasant smells in the church.

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