How to Visit an Orthodox Church

How to Visit an Orthodox Church

how to visit an orthodox church

If you are a Christian but are not Orthodox, you may wonder how to visit an Orthodox church. At first, Orthodoxy might seem strange to you, but you will soon find that it is a familiar way of worshiping. Once you begin to recognize how Orthodox worship works, you’ll soon find that you want to become more involved in the Kingdom of God.

If you are a non-Orthodox Christian

For the non-Orthodox Christian, visiting an Orthodox church is an experience unlike any other. The liturgical service is filled with color, icons, and rich music. Orthodox Christians are never seated – they are actively participating in the service.

However, there are some things you should know before visiting an Orthodox church. For one, if you do not practice Orthodox Christianity, you may not be able to participate in Communion. Visiting an Orthodox church may be difficult for a non-Orthodox Christian.

Another factor to consider is the religious background of your family. Orthodox parents and grandparents may not want their children to grow up in a non-Orthodox environment. This can lead to some family friction.

You can take Communion

There are a few things you should know before receiving Communion in an Orthodox church. The first thing is to know when you are eligible to receive Communion. Orthodox Christians can only receive Holy Communion four times a year, at four different feast days. The next important thing to know is when you are not eligible to receive Holy Communion.

Orthodox Christians venerate icons and images in church. This is a sign of respect and love for the Church. Visitors are not required to do so, but they are welcome to do so. If you are a woman, you should remove any lipstick before you take Communion.

You can enter the church

An Orthodox church is quite different from a Protestant church. It is filled with iconography, priests’ vestments, and rich music. The interior is a blaze of color and people are often standing, sitting, or doing something. It is difficult to sit still in an Orthodox church. The main service of worship is called the Divine Liturgy, and it is composed over 1,700 years ago.

Before entering, you should bow three times and cross yourself twice. Then, you should touch your forehead, right shoulder, and stomach with the opposite hand. After doing this, you should cross yourself again. This way, you’ll avoid a mistaken entry.

You can light candles

In the Orthodox Church, you can light a candle before entering the church. It symbolizes your faith and hope in God. It also brings you into close contact with the Church and warms your soul. There are some special rules for lighting candles during service, so make sure you follow them.

The Orthodox Church does not have a dress code, but it is recommended that you dress modestly. You can even wear a scarf on your head. Wear a long sleeved shirt and pants. You should avoid revealing too much skin, as this can be off-putting to other attendees. And remember to keep your eyes open, as Orthodox Christians often place icons above the pews.

When visiting an Orthodox church, make sure to arrive early. The Divine Liturgy usually begins at 9:30 AM. Arrive a few minutes before the service begins so you have plenty of time to prepare yourself.

You should dress as if you were going to an orthodox church

Orthodox churches follow basic rules of dress. Both men and women should cover their heads and dress appropriately. The tradition dates back to the time of the Apostle Paul. According to the Apostle, men and women have equal rights in God’s eyes. The most basic rule is to keep your head covered while in church. The dress code may differ based on the location of the church. Dress appropriately if you want to enjoy the atmosphere of Orthodox worship.

While the dress code in Orthodox churches can vary, it is generally appropriate to wear modest, classy clothing. Men should wear a dress pants, while women should wear a skirt or pantsuit that is below the knee. Men should also remove their hats.

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