How to Recognize the Signs God is Trying to Remove Someone From Your Life

signs god is trying to remove someone from your life

If your relationship is built on lies and manipulation, this could be an indicator that God wants you to have relationships based on honesty and trust instead.

Associating yourself with people that inspire and uplift you is key. Here are five telltale signs that God may be trying to remove someone from your life.

1. Unrest

If someone in your life has been an ongoing source of unhappiness, this may be a telltale sign from God that he wants them out – because He only keeps those around who will help draw closer to Him and bring peace into your life.

Once in awhile, even people you initially considered friends or family can become unsettling because their values and beliefs don’t align with yours, which causes you to neglect God as part of your daily spiritual practice.

Another telltale sign that God wants someone out of your life is when they violate your boundaries repeatedly. For instance, if they keep calling or unexpectedly visiting without warning, this may be a clear indication that they do not respect your personal space and personal boundaries.

If someone seems to be taking from you in some form, that could be a telltale sign from God that they no longer belong in your life. Be it money or other valuables being stolen, this indicates they have gone out of their way to harm you and it may be time for them to move on.

Laurie Jones is an impact producer at Shella Films, a social justice documentary company which produces both long and short content. Additionally, she co-created Unrest VR, an award-winning virtual reality experience. Laurie is also an advocate for people living with disabilities or chronic illness and holds a BA in Production Studies from Princeton University.

2. Anxiety

If you find yourself feeling anxious around someone, it could be a signal from God that it’s time for them to leave your life. While anxiety is an instinctual reaction to fear, when it’s triggered by someone close to you it could be an indicator that they could potentially pose dangers or pose harm.

As humans, we only have limited emotional energy available to us and it’s crucial that it’s invested wisely. Surrounding yourself with people who nurture and inspire you is critical to personal development; anyone draining your energy or leaving you feeling tired should go.

One telltale sign of when God wants someone out of your life is when they begin to not align with your values and beliefs. If healthy boundaries have already been set and they continue to ignore them, this could be an indicator that they’re no good fit and should go.

One of the most challenging situations to navigate can be when unsure whether or not to end a relationship, but God knows your heart and wants what’s best for you. If you need clarity from Him on what would be the right decision, praying may help as He speaks through scripture or other signs – such as those mentioned above – which can reveal His will for your life and remove people who don’t fit with it from your life altogether as He always looks out for what’s best.

3. Fear

Fear is a normal reaction, but when it becomes overwhelming it can have serious repercussions. Excessive anxiety may even contribute to health problems and prevent us from experiencing life’s most rewarding moments. If fear seems to be running your life then perhaps now is the time for action to be taken against it.

God removes people from our lives when it’s best for us; sometimes this can be confusing or even painful; however, He knows exactly what He’s up to and we will eventually appreciate the change for which we were thankful.

As an example, abusive or manipulative people should never be part of your life; ignoring obvious red flags will only end up hurting yourself in the long run. While it can be difficult to forgive abuse in relationships, God shouldn’t be held responsible when He intervenes – rather, we should take responsibility ourselves when someone is removed due to us ignoring signs.

God often removes people from our lives when they’re no longer beneficial influences; He won’t permit toxic relationships to flourish in your life; for instance, someone constantly annoying you with negative words and actions is likely an unwanted weed that needs to be pulled up.

No matter the circumstances or relationship, God will help you extricate yourself from any situation where someone is abusive or toxic in some way. Trust in Him and follow his direction – in time you’ll thank Him for taking away that person!

4. Distraction

Distractions come in all forms, from people and things to specific places or environments, thoughts, and even temptations. Even good distractions can lead you astray; any one or thing causing you to lose focus should be put aside immediately – especially those causing sin or making you less passionate for Christ than before. God wants your focus solely on Him and His plans for your life – not anyone or anything that draws away from that plan. If someone or something is keeping you away from Christ then they should go. Let His plans keep your focus solely on Him – let His plan not someone or something who distracting you from Him! Whoever or whatever it may be distracting from that relationship should leave immediately – God wants the opposite – passion not pull away from Him but increase passion rather than pull you away from Him.

One way that God may remove someone from your life is by showing you clearly why they shouldn’t be there. This could happen through direct revelation from Him or other means such as signs, dreams or gut instincts. When this occurs directly it’s often called a “Damascus Road” sign; just like when Jesus audibly told Saul before his conversion about this path to Damascus.

One telltale sign that someone isn’t meant to stay in your life is when they can’t accept responsibility for their actions and behaviors. Being unwilling to own their decisions and behavior shows they’re unwilling to change; this should serve as a warning that perhaps it may be time for them to leave, making room for someone more suitable – this may actually turn out as a blessing in disguise as it will help you find someone God intends for you!

5. Lies

God may be telling you something isn’t quite right with someone when they begin telling lies to protect themselves. Remembering how He dislikes lying (Proverbs 6:16-19) should serve as a signal that this relationship doesn’t fit well and must end.

Lies may also indicate that someone isn’t as invested in your relationship as you are, which can be hard to take in but essential in maintaining healthy boundaries. God wants you to put Him first in your life and will remove any person or thing which hinders that process.

God could also be telling you to let someone go because they’re hindering your spiritual growth. When relationships don’t share your same values and beliefs, it can be challenging to remain positive within them; but you should keep in mind that He always provides you with people to meet that are perfect matches for you.

If someone’s presence leaves you feeling exhausted after spending time together, this could be a signal that it is time to part ways. This is particularly relevant if their behavior is toxic or they consistently lie to you.

When trying to understand whether God is trying to remove someone from your life, seeking advice from trusted friends or spiritual advisors may help. They can assist in deciphering signals and assessing whether a particular individual fits with you or not. It is also wise to keep in mind that His plan often makes perfect sense in hindsight – He may take someone away for reasons you cannot comprehend but everything will work out in the end for good.

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