How to Know If God Wants You to Be With Someone

if god wants you to be with someone

Your paths keep crossing with someone, whether at work, the grocery store, or social events. Perhaps this is God telling you they belong in your life!

He’s using mutual interests and values to bring you together with someone who will encourage and push you to be your best self.

1. You Feel Attracted to Each Other

Don’t take chance with love – see it as signs from the universe that someone is waiting out there who might just be your soulmate! These moments should draw your attention and remind you that someone out there could be waiting.

Perlstein notes that emotional attraction can also be a key indicator that you have found the person for whom you have a significant connection, distinct from physical attraction. She further describes it as being determined more by personality than looks; you might notice them at work or social gatherings even though they’re surrounded by their friends.

If two people are attracted to each other, they tend to spend time together without speaking a great deal – this allows them to bond and become comfortable around each other while showing signs of attraction, such as blushing and smiling unnecessarily. Another indicator is how frequently they touch one another; perhaps touching each other on the face, hands or arms for example and enjoying physical contact between themselves.

Lastly, if they seem to notice similar aspects about you – like how you like to primp or which colors are your favorites – it could be that they like you too. This unspoken sign that they’re interested is sure sign they want more time with you!

2. You Keep Crossing Paths

If someone keeps popping into your life repeatedly, this could be a telltale sign from God that He wants you to pay attention. They could be soul mates or simply there for some purpose – perhaps as neighbors, coworkers, friends or family. When God wants something or someone in particular for you to experience it will make sure they stay close by keeping up a dialogue of some sort with them on a regular basis.

God will also make sure they bring value into your life; He won’t send someone who will drain your energy or cause stress; rather, the one He has chosen for you will provide refuge, support and who believes in you.

If the person you’re with constantly causes you stress, that could be an indicator that they aren’t the one God intended for you. Their actions and words will show this; God intends for someone special for each of us who’ll provide an oasis of serenity in life’s stormy seas – someone to support your relationship with Christ by having similar values, morals and desires to serve Him; they won’t lead you down an unhealthy path and instead provide constant source of joy in your life.

3. You Have a Shared Purpose

If God has put a desire in your heart to share your faith with your partner, that could mean He wants you to help him experience the peace and life found through Jesus Christ. Additionally, He may want you to share how He has blessed or healed or delivered you as part of that process.

Remember, shared purpose is not a superficial mission statement or inspirational wall poster – it’s an inherent sense of shared meaning based on reality – the reason an athlete trusts their coach, employees follow their boss and students respect their teachers.

At first, sharing your spiritual journey may feel awkward or foreign to you, but by paying attention to the Holy Spirit and listening for his promptings and stirrings you’ll soon recognize when He wants you to step outside your comfort zone for greater shared purposes.

4. You Have a Shared Faith

God cares deeply about who you marry, just as He cares deeply about your spiritual growth. For this reason, He often provides spiritual as well as practical indicators to indicate whether someone might be right for you – for instance if someone eschews prayer or the Bible as an indicator, and/or doesn’t wait until marriage before having sexual encounters; these could all be telltale signs that someone might not be.

However, if someone you’re walking alongside helps deepen your relationship with God, that can be taken as an indication that the person God wants you with will add value rather than detract.

As you have probably observed, there are various indications that God may have someone special in mind for you. Above all else, though, listen to what your intuition tells you – if He doesn’t want someone on this list then that will trump all other indicators on this list! But if He does want you with someone then be patient as the process unfolds – even though it may take longer, the reward will make the wait worth your while – don’t forget to always love God with all your heart, soul and mind and share that with friends and family too – they won’t regret sharing this list with their friends and families too!

5. You Have a Shared Value System

God calling you together with someone is an indicator that your shared values align. This could include similar morals and values or simply wanting to live according to His will – either way it can help strengthen trust between partners while improving communication in any relationship.

Sharing similar values as a couple is another effective way of drawing closer to God as you draw together spiritually. Praying together and studying Scripture together will strengthen your bonds; you’ll also be there for each other when times get rough, which can be invaluable in any relationship.

As another indicator that God may be leading you in the direction of this person, you may find yourself gravitating toward books or resources about dating, relationships and marriage. This could be an indicator that you’ve become mature enough to handle the challenges associated with committed partnerships; but don’t solely depend on this metric when making your decision about whom to be with!

Make it a practice to seek God’s advice before making important decisions, even when they seem obvious or subtle. Sometimes He makes His will plain for all to see; other times it may take more subtlety.

6. You Have a Shared Value System

Holding on to similar values means both you and the person you’re dating share the same beliefs and moral standards, which is essential in making relationships work successfully. If both believe in similar beliefs, this could be a sign that God wants the two of you together.

Check to see if they respect and treat you with dignity, such as giving you undivided attention in conversations or taking your opinions seriously. If they don’t, it may indicate that God doesn’t intend for them to be part of your life.

If you’re uncertain whether someone is right for you, prayerful reflection and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit are best methods of discernment. Be wary of allowing emotions cloud your judgment; seek to maintain a level head and follow His lead.

When you meet the person God has prepared for you, they will show their interest by actively pursuing you until they capture yours; then texting, calling and planning dates together are more signs they’re serious and wanting a healthy relationship; furthermore they will always treat you with dignity and respect even when life presents them with challenges.

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