What is Greater Than God More Evil Then The Devil Riddle

what is greater than god more evil then the devil

Riddles that challenge our minds can be an excellent way to stimulate creative thought and force us outside the norm. A what is greater than god more evil than the devil riddle can help expand your mind and stimulate innovation; one such riddle, “What is greater than god more evil than the devil,” provides just this challenge – its answer being nothing, since there exists no greater force than God – the poor have it, rich need it and eating too much can kill.

The poor have it

God is considered a supreme being and an integral figure of many religions, known as an all-powerful, all-knowing and all-forgiving force. On the other side of the coin lies Satan – an unscrupulous spirit who serves as an inspiration to criminals. This riddle asks what greater being could outdo both of them by being more evil. Rich people don’t need what poor do; poor have what rich need; eating nothing will lead to your demise! In reality there’s no such creature capable of surviving without sustenance – no creature survives without sustenance unless fed!

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The rich need it

God is seen by many religions as the highest authority and supreme being, possessing all power, knowledge and mercy. Satan, however, is seen as being associated with evil – one of many wicked entities present on this Earth who thrive off those less fortunate who require something they lack but don’t possess themselves. Dieting on nothing will ultimately lead to death as humans need sustenance for sustenance. To find an answer for this tricky riddle, there’s only one answer – nothing! Nothingness exists as neither good nor evil and all it requires for sustenance is nothingness itself, no matter if rich people need or possess it or consume it directly. What exactly do the poor have and need but nothingness (a state of existence without qualities either good or bad).

If you eat it you’ll die

If you’re in search of a challenging riddle that will leave both puzzled and amused at once, this one’s for you! This riddle asks you to name something more powerful than God and more wicked than Satan; something poor people have while the rich need; something you shouldn’t eat lest it kills you.

Answer to this riddle? Nothing, as there is no greater power or force than God in many religions, who is revered as all-knowing, all-powerful and forgiving. Furthermore, no entity could possibly surpass Satan in terms of evil power; his demonic presence inspires people to engage in irresponsible behaviour and harm themselves and others.

Consuming no food will eventually cause death; all humans require sustenance in order to survive. Even if you don’t eat much, eventually your body may run out of nutrients and you will experience starvation. In extreme hunger or fatigue you might eat something at least briefly but eating nothing completely will surely kill you – making this riddle extremely challenging to solve!

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