How to Honor Saint Joseph

how to honor saint joseph

Saint Joseph is the husband and foster father of Jesus. He is also the patron of the universal Church and is considered the model of patience. His feast day is March 19th. However, many people do not celebrate the day and have no connection with the patron saint. Annabelle Moseley, a writer for Aleteia magazine, shared her ideas on how to honor St. Joseph with your family and friends.

St. Joseph’s Day

There are many ways to celebrate Saint Joseph’s Day. You can make a special pasta or a traditional dish in his honor. You can also go to church and listen to a sermon. These traditions help build a sense of community. Saint Joseph is known as the patron saint of families, work, and the Sabbath.

Many Catholics choose to honor Saint Joseph by attending Mass. They may set up a special altar or table in honor of the saint. The feast day usually falls during Lent. Some bishops will even grant a dispensation for abstinence on this day. Some statues of St. Joseph depict the saint with the Christ Child in his arms.


Throughout the centuries, traditions have been cultivated to celebrate the saint. A stuffed artichoke is often placed on the altar to symbolize the thorns that Jesus was beaten with during his crucifixion. Another favorite tradition is dropping dough into carmel and offering it to Saint Joseph. Pine cones are the same shape as Jesus’s favorite toy, but they have a more spiritual meaning. Whether you practice traditional or more modern practices, there is sure to be a Saint Joseph tradition to suit you.

Some traditions to honor Saint Joseph include a shrine and feast, giving out treats to the poor, and receiving Holy Communion seven consecutive Sundays. In addition, you can pray for good luck and favors from him by offering a daily novena.


There are a number of ways to honor the life of St. Joseph, who is considered the patron saint of the New World. This holy man is associated with family, honesty, humility, and a love of the simple things. These attributes make him a worthy patron of families and individuals.

There are many symbols for Joseph, including his betrothal staff, which is always depicted in a profile pose. This image is symbolic of the old man’s wisdom. Similarly, St. Joseph’s beard is the Sheaf of Wheat turned upside down, a symbol of his love and devotion to Mary, the Virgin Mother of Jesus.

Saint Joseph’s feast day is also associated with his importance in the life of the Holy Family. Catholics honor him on May 1, the day after the birth of Christ. In addition to the Catholics’ regular feast day of March 19, there are several other ways to honor the man who bore the Savior. Many Italians also celebrate St. Joseph on May 1, making him a patron of workers. In fact, many Italian American societies are dedicated to St. Joseph, as these organizations began as mutual benefit societies that pooled money and care for injured workers’ families. As a result, his March 19th feast day is particularly significant in Italian America and Sicily.


Saint Joseph is a patron of families, work, and the Sabbath. His life exemplifies patience, meekness, and obedience. We honor him on these days, as he devoted his life to serving his family. However, he’s also much more than just a patron saint. You can use his name in your own prayers, or simply honor him in other ways.

During the birth of Jesus, Saint Joseph was able to love the baby not only as his son, but also as God. He knew, through an Angel, that his child was the Divine Word, and so he chose to be His protector.

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