How Old Was God When He Was Young?

how old is god when he died

An exact age estimate of Jesus at His death can be difficult to establish. Scholars, however, can make an estimate based on biblical accounts and historical documents.

Luke 3:23 records Jesus beginning His ministry at around 30 years of age. Scholars believe His ministry lasted approximately three-and-a-half years and that when He died He would have been 33.

How old was god when he died?

As we read the Bible, we see evidence that God has always existed; He is the Creator of all that exists and knows no beginning or end. Psalm 90:2 indicates this point by declaring God to be “eternal, One; none other exists”

Methuselah lived a remarkable 969 year long life before the Flood. This longevity wasn’t due to good genetics alone but more to their environment in which they lived.

Biblical cultures place great value on wisdom gained with age, and older individuals were widely revered. After all, it was they who had more life experience to pass along to younger generations.

The Bible teaches that people are born into sin and may live their entire lives living in it, even to death. Once someone dies in sin, the Bible indicates they will become separated from God forever unless they accept Christ as Savior and Lord in their life. Additionally, Scripture indicates there will be resurrection of all those saved and they will live eternally in peace together with their creator.

There are various scriptures that allude to how old Jesus was when He died, though most scholars estimate He was around 30 when He began His ministry, due to being circumcised at 8 days old as required under Jewish law and priests beginning service at 30 (Numbers 4:3) as well as King Saul becoming King at this age (1 Samuel 13:1).

While much can be debated regarding Jesus’ age at His death, most agree he was likely in his early thirties. Furthermore, it’s essential to keep in mind that He came as our Messiah and to die for our sins by obeying God and fulfilling Old Testament prophecies.

How old was god when he was born?

The Virgin Mary was only 16 when she gave birth to Jesus; although depicted as an adult figure today. Yet she acted maturely in her faith, pushing past fears to follow God’s calling on her life despite any uncertainties or doubts she might encounter along the way. Because of this faith-fueled courage, God used Mary to do amazing things – you too can accomplish amazing things if you trust in His promises.

Note that Jesus existed eternally as the eternal Son of God prior to incarnating on Earth and did not experience age; He is therefore unchangeable despite passing time.

Finding out God’s age is like trying to determine its age – it is a categorical error as He doesn’t possess one in this universe like any of its inhabitants do.

However, we know that Jesus was baptized during the spring of AD 30 and His ministry (which culminated with His crucifixion) lasted approximately three years – making his approximate age at death 31 or 33.

Remembering Jesus as a Jew who believed in their scriptures, many prophecies found within the Old Testament were fulfilled through His life and death on the cross, showing us a roadmap toward becoming believers of the Son of God.

So if you want to gain a deeper spiritual understanding of God’s Word, it’s essential to consider the context in which scriptures were written and seek parallels between old and new testaments. Doing this will enable you to see how everything in the Bible fits together more seamlessly while leading you toward greater spiritual understanding of his words.

How old was god when he was young?

The Bible makes clear that God is timeless and does not age; He has always existed and always will exist (Psalm 90:2). Asking “How old was God when He was young?” implies that He is subject to time like us; such questions constitute category errors – infusing something not subject to time with qualities belonging to something which shouldn’t belong there in the first place, such as asking “How long has this gravel been dead? (it wasn’t alive to begin with) or “What sound does orange make?” (colors don’t produce sounds).

Jesus began His ministry as a young adult. He displayed great wisdom and discernment as He taught others about God’s Word while also performing miraculous healings and raisings of the dead. At this point in His ministry, His understanding of Law expanded substantially as did its interpretation.

Historians offer differing estimates as to Jesus’ age when He died and was executed, though most agree it would have been somewhere around 30 or 33. Josephus wrote during Christ’s lifetime that He was 33 at the time Pontius Pilate executed Him (Antiquities 18:3).

Recall that Jesus was born without sin and perfectly according to the Law of Moses. At eight days after birth, as required in Jewish faith tradition, he was circumcised as a sign of purity and his connection with Abraham’s covenant God made with him.

Mary was still young when she gave birth, yet was already an experienced practitioner of her faith. She knew what God had called her to do and trusted Him completely as He steered her journey. Pushing aside fearful reactions, Mary obeyed and witnessed first-hand His power at work in her life – an example we can learn from, believing He will work miracles if we follow His callings.

How old was god when he was old?

In the Bible, God is described as eternal or everlasting and even as an Alpha and Omega, meaning He does not begin or end. Furthermore, He is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-perfect; thus He was never absent in history nor will there ever be. God remains present throughout all time (Colossians 1:17).

No matter how often God is described in scripture, we still do not know exactly how old He is. The Bible doesn’t refer to His age as He exists outside of time and space – asking Him how old He is is therefore an invalid question due to Him not fitting into traditional categories for things with an age such as humans do.

Remembering God has always existed is also essential – while we may never know exactly when or how old He is, His existence cannot be denied by any means whatsoever; Scripture states He exists since eternity (Isaiah 44:6) – meaning He existed long before mountains formed or any period when He does not exist!

There are various estimates as to the age at which Jesus died, but most scholars generally agree on an estimate between 31-33 years old for His demise. This is based on His starting his ministry around age 30, when Jewish men typically enter priesthood (Numbers 4:3); also Josephus mentions Herod dying around this time (Joshua XVII.9.3).

However, the most essential fact is that we cannot accurately know how old God is because He transcends time. Even if we could somehow put an arbitrary age on Him, it would still be far smaller than His creation – this is why we shouldn’t worry too much about trying to measure God; rather we should focus on what He can do in our lives instead.

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