How Old Is God Or Jesus?

Questioning God or Jesus on their age seems strange since He does not deteriorate like physical objects do over time. Asking this question creates confusion as it implies He belongs in the same categories with other elements subject to time.

Jesus lived an extraordinary life, from illness and injury, awkward adolescence and adulthood’s challenges, all the way to gathering wisdom through it all.

God is Eternal

The Bible speaks of God’s eternity in several ways. Many passages describe Him as eternal or even as the “Apollo and Omega,” while other verses emphasize His eternal nature, power and being without change. Eternity runs like an undulating mountain range through Scriptures; its truth cannot be denied.

God differs from us in many ways, but His unrestricted freedom from time may be most striking of all. Humans are bound by time; He does not. When asking how old He is we’ll never get an answer that makes sense because He exists before creation itself – an ageless reality!

Humans often find it hard to comprehend the concept of an infinite God. According to scripture, He is both the Creator of time and space as well as its Subject — something only He possesses this attribute for. The Big Bang theory supports this assertion. Additionally, God stands alone among beings as both Creator of time as well as Subject — an impossible combination in human terms.

Jesus Christ is God in human form, making Him ageless as well. Due to no longer existing physically, it’s impossible to know exactly when He was born – however it is widely assumed He was around 4 BCE so, had He still been around today he would be roughly 2056 years old! However He is eternal since He existed alongside God before being sent down as Jesus to save mankind.

Jesus stands out as an unparalleled being, possessing eternal life alone. Unlike human souls or angelic beings who come and go with each day’s sunrise and sunset, His eternity stands alone among them and should be treasured by believers worldwide.

Jesus is Eternal

Jesus stands outside of human mortality and time’s constraints; rather, the Bible declares Him eternal, meaning He has existed even before matter and space came into being. Because He never ages, we know He will continue existing eternally.

Bible says Jesus was God’s only begotten Son – signifying that He shared in His divine nature and could never die or become any less perfect than perfect. Given He always existed, it would only make sense that He would overcome death and continue living. Furthermore, He defeated Satan and all forms of evil (Revelation 19:20).

When was Jesus Born? is another frequently asked question. Unfortunately, its answer is more complex than you might expect: the Bible doesn’t provide us with an exact date of His birth; instead it states that He began His ministry around thirty. Because many scholars believe He was born around 4 or 5 BCE and died at 33 or 34 when He was crucified on Calvary, these figures provide some guidance as to when He might have been crucified.

At Jesus’s time of life, birthdays were not widely observed or celebrated; this was particularly true among Jewish communities who did not usually commemorate them like Romans and Egyptians did. However, the New Testament does provide clues as to His age by noting He was twelve when He celebrated His Bar Mitzvah, having wisdom far surpassing that of even the most knowledgeable teachers at that time.

Additionally, the Gospels document His circumcision at eight days old as per Moses Law for all male children. Furthermore, according to the New Testament He visited Jerusalem three times for Passover during His lifetime, which usually happens between 27 and 29 years of age; many scholars estimate His age between 33-39 when He died (ie between 27 or 28) and around 30 when He started His public ministry.

Mary is Eternal

Mary was only young when she found herself pregnant with Jesus; such an event would likely cause scandal today; yet Mary’s faith and devotion to God allowed her to rise above any potential scandal and rise above it all – serving as proof that He seeks out those willing to follow Him no matter their age or circumstance.

Mary was living in an ancient culture that differed significantly from ours; couples were expected to marry more quickly than in modern society, meaning she gave birth as a teenager – some historians even believe she may have been as young as 12 or 14!

Mary was very mature for her age when she gave birth, which shows how God has an affinity for youth and uses young people in His plan. It can also be found throughout Scripture where He uses them for His purposes.

Notably, Jesus began His ministry only as a teenager. According to Jewish law, men become eligible for priesthood at 30 years of age – meaning Mary’s son Jesus already began His public ministry prior to this age threshold being reached.

Many Christians refer to Mary as Theotokos or Virgin Mary; this term comes from Greek words meaning “one who gives birth to God”. This title highlights Mary’s important role in Christ’s Incarnation and how young people will one day serve Him with devotion and courage as did Mary herself. Trusting in God requires obedience so it’s crucial that children grow up knowing this lesson – teaching children these characteristics from an early age is crucial in shaping future leaders!

Jesus is Human

As God’s Son, Jesus experienced all aspects of human emotion and temptation – such as sickness and temptation. Like other humans, he learned and made mistakes like any human does; but even while fully human he retained all His divine attributes or powers (Philippians 2:5-8 and Colossians 2:9).

Jesus lived with a family and was assigned a job. This required Him to interact with other people through speech and teaching; Scripture even mentions His miraculous physical healing abilities – all evidence that Jesus was truly human except that He never committed sinful acts himself.

Mary was only in her twenties when Jesus was born, and likely had siblings who survived childhood and went on to have children of their own. Some art depicts Jesus with younger brothers or sisters to remind viewers of His humanity.

The Bible indicates that Jesus developed as any normal individual. He went through puberty like anyone else, had jobs and careers just like everyone else and the apostles emphasized His humanity in their writings.

Though many Christians disagree with this assessment of Jesus as truly human, many still argue that He wasn’t. These critics contend that His humanity was simply an illusion. Unfortunately, such reasoning assumes only things subject to time can be described as human – making a category error in its logic that causes confusion over His nature versus that of other things in this universe.

One source of confusion regarding Jesus is His age. Born around 4 BCE, had He still been alive today he would be approximately 2056 years old if living. Note that this doesn’t include His time spent in Heaven before coming down here since God doesn’t experience time passing in this manner.

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