Greek Orthodox Saints

greek orthodox saints

There are a number of Greek Orthodox saints that you can learn about and get to know. Each one of them has had a huge impact on society. They have helped to make the world a better place to live in. It is important to remember these important people and take the time to pray for them.

St Basil of Athens

Basil of Athens, Greek Orthodox saint, is considered the patron saint of the poor. He was a prolific writer and scholar. His works include the Treatise on the Holy Spirit, On the Six Days of Creation, and Against Eunomius. The Treatise on the Holy Spirit asserts the divinity of the Holy Spirit and appeals to ancient Christian tradition.

Basil’s legacy lives on in the liturgies that bear his name. Several of his canonical epistles have become canon law of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Basil’s life and work are outlined in more than 300 letters. Two thirds of the extant letters date from his episcopate. Many of his letters deal with daily activities. Several of them are dogmatic treatises, while some are apologetic responses.

St Gregory of Nazianzus

Saint Gregory of Nazianzus was a 4th century Church Father who influenced the shaping of Trinitarian theology in the Greek and Latin speaking world. He also played an important role in defending Nicean understanding of God. His writings are still respected for their deep insights.

Saint Gregory was born in the Cappadocian region of Asia Minor. Gregory’s parents were part of a religious family with eminent lineage. Originally, the family adhered to a monotheistic sect, but later converted to Christianity. The family lived on their property in Arianzus, near Nazianzus.

St. Nektarios

If you are looking for a holy Christian icon, you may want to take a look at the saints of the Greek Orthodox Church. One of the most popular Greek saints is Nektarios of Aegina. This saint has been known to be a strong spiritual counselor, and he has been known to cure hundreds of people with miraculous healings. He is a popular saint among Orthodox Christians and Eastern Catholics.

Saint Nektarios of Aegina was a theologian and a preacher. His works include numerous books on the Eastern Orthodox faith and he is also known to be one of the best writers of hymns in honor of the Theotokos.

St. Seraphim

St Seraphim of the Greek Orthodox saints is one of the most beloved holy elders in the Orthodox Church. He was born in Zeli in Boeotia in 1527. From his youth, he was heavily involved in the Orthodox faith. His reputation spread fast in Boeotia, and he began to receive visitors.

Upon his arrival at the monastery of Holy Unmercenaries in Sarov, he was ordained as a priest. Soon after, he was given the monastic name of Seraphim.

St Seraphim spent a great deal of time in prayer. He practiced a rigorous program of contemplative prayer, and he prayed for almost a thousand days.

St. Eustratius

Eustratius of the Greek Orthodox Saints is a 6th-century Christian martyr who was an officer in the Roman army. He was a disciple of St. Stephen of Mar Saba, and he wrote a book about his life. His Life of Golinduch is a work of imperial rhetoric of saintly intercession.

He was a senior officer in the Roman army, but he remained a pious Christian throughout his life. During his lifetime, he performed many miracles, including raising the dead. In his later years, he was imprisoned for some time, but he was eventually released.

St. Severinus

Saint Severinus of the Greek Orthodox saints was a monk from Eastern Europe who lived and preached in Gemany. He is known for teaching Christians to be generous and put their eternal life first. His monastic life and teachings are recorded in the Bible.

Maximos was born in Constantinople in 580. As a young man he showed unusual piety. Eventually he defended the Faith in treatises and letters. After he resigned his position as a priest, he went to Chrysopolis, where he served as a monk. In this monastery he battled Monothelitism.

St. Domnica

The Greek Orthodox Saint Domnica lived a life of asceticism and healing. In his final days, he was accompanied by monks wearing white robes, and he prophesied the death of the Emperor Theodosius.

St Domnica was born in Rome, Italy, and was raised in the love of Christ. He became an oracle of the city of Constantinople, and was a healer. His fame spread throughout the city. As a result, many people chose to be baptized. However, due to the large crowds, it was impossible for them to live in heavenly life.

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