Greek Orthodox Church of Orange CT

greek orthodox church orange ct

Located in Orange, Connecticut, the Greek Orthodox Church is a wonderful place to worship. The church has many different programs for children and adults alike. There are also scholarships available. There is also a full calendar of events that you can check out.


Among the numerous apsohs of the Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church of Orange CT is the annual Oratorical Festival. The Oratorical Festival is the brainchild of parish priest Fr. John and Presvyetera Margaret Orfanakos. During this festival, a plethora of teenagers will compete in a variety of contests. The Oratorical Festival is split into a junior and senior division. The senior division is for participants in the 10th through 12th grades. The junior division is for students in the 7-9th grade range.

The Oratorical Festival is a great way to get teenagers interested in the Christian faith to interact with each other and their clergy. The competition culminates in a weekend of fun and fellowship. It’s no wonder that this year’s competition saw an all-time high in participants.

Saint Barbara

Located in Orange CT, the Saint Barbara church is the perfect place to worship and learn about the Orthodox faith. In addition to regular church services, the church also offers a variety of other programs and activities. This includes a summer camp, campus fellowship for college students, and various ministries.

The Saint Barbara Church is a religious institution that’s been around since 1947, making it one of the oldest Greek Orthodox churches in the area. With 650 families as members, the church continues to carry forward its mission of spreading the gospel of Christ. In addition to its traditional services, the parish also aims to serve the needs of its community through fundraising efforts.

The church is also home to the St Barbara Greek Language School Program, a study program that provides a supportive environment for students to excel in Greek language study. The school is based on the desire of parishioners to learn the Greek language.

Holy Trinity

During its 90 years of existence, the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Ansonia was a social center for the Greek community in the Valley. Holy Trinity’s parish family included Greek immigrants, merchants and Valley residents. Despite the church’s closing in 2009, Holy Trinity parishioners reached out to the Valley Community Foundation to establish a fund to support general charitable purposes.

The Orthodox Church, founded by Christ, is recognized as a divine institution and a social service agency. It continues to be a medium of reconciliation in the world. It also protects the historic Christian Faith, a faith that traces its roots to the Apostles’ time.

The Orthodox Church believes that Christ is the true Son of God and that He manifested a vocation to live an authentic human life. Through His Church, Christ continues to manifest His divine vocation, bringing fellowship with the Father. The Holy Trinity exemplifies this in every aspect of Church life.

St. Stephen

Throughout history, Saint Stephen’s relics have been held in great reverence. His saintly intercession is an essential part of the lives of the faithful. His sacrifice opened Paradise to those who love him.

St Stephen was born in Constantinople in 715. His mother Anna asked newly-elected Patriarch Germanus to bless her son. During Stephen’s childhood, the Holy Virgin Theotokos appeared to Anna and told her to name the child after the newly-elected Patriarch. Her request was approved. Then, the heavenly man raised his hands to the Triune God in prayer for the salvation of the world.

As a young man, Stephen struggled with asceticism in Mount Auxentius. His fame soon spread across the city, and he was chosen to be the leader of the hermits. Throughout his life, Stephen was a man of great spiritual strength, extending his responsibility beyond the material needs of the community. He also became the head of deacons. The deacons were chosen by the Apostles for their wisdom and to help those who were in need.


Whether you are a high school senior, undergraduate, graduate, or adult Greek Orthodox student, there are many private and institutional scholarships to choose from. However, you must choose a Greek Orthodox college that is the best fit for you. You can also contact your local Greek Orthodox church for information on available grants.

The Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church of Ansonia Scholarship was created in 2005 to provide scholarships to students who are committed to the church. The scholarship is awarded to students who are committed to academic excellence, religious service, and the community.

The Kavathas Family Scholarship is awarded to a college student who is committed to academic excellence and the arts. In addition, the scholarship is awarded to students who have exhibited an above-average academic record and who have been active in extra-curricular activities.

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