God Restored My Relationship With My Ex

god restored my relationship with my ex

Rebuilding relationships after an intense breakup is never an easy feat, leaving deep wounds that alter your mindset and your outlook on the world. But you shouldn’t let that stop you. Restarting communication between former partners can be immensely satisfying when done in an honest and transparent manner.

However, God can and will restore broken relationships if that is His will. You can learn to deal with broken relationships by following these tips: 1. Forgive.

1. God is in control.

Blaming God for your breakup or divorce may seem natural; after all, scripture teaches that He heals relationships and detests divorce. Unfortunately, however, sometimes His plan for you does not include reconciling with your former lover; any attempt at forcible reconciliation will do more damage than good.

IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHETHER GOD ISN’T LEADING YOU BACK TO YOUR EX, PRAY FOR CLEARANCE. When praying sincerely to Him for guidance and clarity, He often provides ideas and strategies to heal the relationship (such as visits, gifts or apology etc). He may even prompt your ex to initiate reconciliation – listening and responding accordingly will help reveal His plan for your life.

Reuniting with your ex may be hard if God intends it for you; it might be difficult to see His plan, especially if they were once someone you idolized; yet, if you can forgive and move past past hurts, this could mark a glorious new chapter in your life.

God knows best; when He brings your ex back into your life, it will happen at just the right moment. Perhaps they rekindled an old friendship first before becoming workmates or neighbors – this is evidence that He wants you to grow closer again.

Knowing God is in control allows you to trust His plans for your life.

Boost your faith in God’s sovereignty with these top God Is in Control Verses. They’ll remind you that no matter the obstacles in life, He still remains in charge and has everything under His mighty control – including fulfilling his great plans for you which far outstrip anything we could imagine or imagine ourselves!

2. You’re not alone.

Your struggle with a broken relationship is not alone. No matter if it has been years or just weeks, God hears your prayers and is powerful to restore whatever He sees fit – including your relationship with your ex. To start this process, the first step should be surrendering them and your future together to Him; let go of expectations and see them instead as tools of His kingdom.

Your relationship may never recover if the individual who caused its breakdown was an influence in any form of sin in your life, be it drugs, alcohol, finances or spiritual issues. If your breakup occurred due to sinful issues on either side, if restoration can occur you must ask God for His forgiveness and work on improving spiritually before getting back together again.

God allows for two people to meet for specific reasons – perhaps for closure or healing purposes. If this occurs for you, remember that He only intends for it to serve a therapeutic function and not as an opportunity for romance to reignite itself.

God knows best when it comes to reconciling relationships, bringing with it peace to your heart and soul as you look forward to living your best life without holding onto past hurts or worrying about what might lie ahead.

Your prayers may also help you stop blaming God for broken relationships. Instead, they can teach you to put your trust in him with both your heart and life – believing he knows what’s best for you, guiding your steps toward His plan of love, peace, and healing for every situation – including romantic ones! Don’t allow broken hearts keep you down; allow God help you love, serve and respect each other healthy ways!

3. You’re not broken.

Losing someone you care for can leave an unspeakably painful void in your heart and soul, altering how you view yourself and interact with the world. But if God wants to restore your relationship, He’ll give you strength to move on successfully or guidance that’ll allow it all to work this time around.

Before God can restore your relationship with an ex-partner, both parties must first be willing to forgive one another. While this may not be easy at first glance, remembering memories of hurtful words or actions is never easy – but He’ll give both parties wisdom to overcome any hurdles and heal wounds caused by any painful experiences shared between you.

God may also be calling your ex back into your life if both parties are ready and willing to put in the necessary work needed for a healthy long-term relationship. This includes self-improvement and becoming mature enough to provide positive influence in each other’s lives; also being open to constructive criticism while taking responsibility for your shortcomings is part of that equation.

Finally, when both partners are committed to God and His Word, it will be easier for you to let go of any baggage from past relationships. If you find yourself holding onto anything from them, this could be a telltale sign that their former relationship was serving as an idol in your life – something which often causes relationships to end or at least grow apart; especially those built solely upon lustful attachment.

Once both of you are open to God’s will for both of your lives and relationships, coming back together should feel like coming home. You might find it hard to recall what it was like before; each of you will have become more mature and healthy versions of yourselves this time around – making each other stronger influences and helping each other live more faithful lives together – something God wants for each of us – it is truly a blessing He provides you with the chance to experience this.

4. You’re not alone.

When your relationship ends, it can feel like the end of the world. You may have difficulty moving on – both emotionally and spiritually. In these difficult times, remember God loves you and wants to restore both of your hearts – by helping each of you become better versions of yourselves for each other.

God may bring an old flame back into your life to provide closure or healing, in which case be sure to seek advice when approaching them again. Avoid the temptation of dating another or filling any voids with drugs and alcohol – both are surefire ways of prolonging the pain and postponing healing processes.

If you are still struggling to move past an ex, take time out for just you and God alone. Let Him comfort and speak through His Word – memorize Bible verses that speak to your situation and repeat them throughout the day; listen for His silence and follow it; even though there may be times where you want to blame or bargain with Him during this process, remember He wants your relationship restored as part of His plan and His timing.

At this point, your ex may not want to reunite with you – this shouldn’t necessarily be seen as negative, since most relationships end because either one person doesn’t fully commit or it was built solely on physical attraction. But God will bring them together again if both parties are ready to commit fully and work through any immaturities and personal issues together.

If you have been placing the blame for the breakup on God, stop. He is a loving Father who detests divorce. If you truly regret what has occurred and are willing to put in the effort necessary, He can heal both hearts and restore relationships; this could include making amends for any wrong doings and praying that their hearts soften again.

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