God Has Not Abandoned Me

Some Christians may experience feelings of being abandoned by God due to various issues in their marriage or family lives; these include marital issues, health concerns, job loss or tragedy within the household.

The Bible warns us that anyone who rejects God’s truth is embarking on a path away from Him, thus prompting Paul to use such alarming phrases as, “Give them over” three times in rapid succession.

1. You still wake up every morning.

Every morning is a sign from God that He has not abandoned you; each new day brings with it another chance for change and improvement.

Food should always be available on your table, no matter how meager. Many people struggle to survive without any means or means to support themselves financially – be thankful that you still manage to provide sustenance for yourself and others!

No one should feel abandoned by God; Scripture contains plenty of examples in which people felt God had abandoned them; in reality, He used their suffering for good – so don’t give up seeking God; eventually He’ll reveal Himself! Even if it seems He’s nowhere in sight right now, remember He never abandons his children!

2. You still have food on your table.

If you feel helpless and abandoned in life, you may question God’s presence and silence. While He does have plans for your life that can sometimes be hard to see: prisoners serve time behind bars feeling abandoned by society; children live without homes or parents feeling forsaken by society; and believers struggle with mental health issues, addiction issues, and various other challenges which leave them feeling alienated from Him.

But, if you’re still getting up each morning and having food on your table, this is proof that God hasn’t forgotten about you and is working in your life to bring blessings – just as He did for Job, Ruth and other faithful servants in Scripture who went through much hardship but ultimately saw blessings in return from Him. And this same blessing awaits you too.

3. You still have a job or source of income.

Many people in this world are jobless, so if you still make any kind of income- even if it is just small- it should be counted as an act of gratitude. Imagine having no purposeful work to do and sleeping outdoors under an open sky without shelter to call home each night!

Feelings of abandonment from God may arise during challenging situations that seem insurmountable. Yet by considering the reasons above, one should come to realize that He is working in your life, and things may actually be much better than you imagine – trust Him while He works everything out for your good (Romans 8:28)

4. You still have a roof over your head.

If God had wanted it differently, He could have taken your home from you and forced you onto the streets to sleep rough. Be grateful that there’s still somewhere safe to rest your head every night – there are far too many people without adequate shelter in this world without which sleep might become impossible.

Rather than asking God why bad things keep happening to you, remember that He has a plan for your life that may not seem beneficial right now; just trust in His plan!

Emotional suffering is an inevitable part of Christian life and will only make you stronger and more faithful to Him in the end. Job and Ruth provide prime examples. Remember that He will always be by your side during difficult times – He is never far away!

5. You still find solutions to your problems.

When you’re facing difficulties, the last thing you want to hear is that God has abandoned you. However, He’s bigger than your problems and He loves you deeply – He wants to hear all about your emotions and circumstances so He can assist with overcoming them. He welcomes your struggles so He can provide relief.

God uses problems as an opportunity to examine what’s going on inside of you and help reveal any problems or blind spots that need attention. Problems, when handled appropriately, are character-building opportunities; they can deepen faith and bring you closer to Christ while silencing the devil and showing how only He provides relief from pain and hardship. Problems may even prove beneficial by shielding against something much worse; perhaps protecting you against something even more dangerous!

6. You still have hope.

The Bible reminds us that no trial or tribulation in our lives comes without passing first through God’s hands. He knows all about what’s about to happen, and He’s actively working for your wellbeing – even when you feel forgotten by life’s challenges, remember He always knows best and works on our behalf!

Anxiety-provoking moments require hope; yet hope remains essential for surviving them. “Hope” in Hebrews 11:12 means the assurance of things hoped for; not wishful thinking but bold moral certainty.

If your desire is still to connect with God, that’s a sure sign He has not abandoned you. He wants to hear from you and will bring all of the loose ends together one day – He’s writing your story!

7. You survive each day stronger.

People can feel as though God has abandoned them when faced with life-altering challenges, whether that means facing health issues, financial strains, strained marriages or grieving the death of loved ones. Whatever you may be going through it’s important to remember that He remains close.

Not to be discouraged by suffering, however. Understand that He allows emotional suffering so we may gain wisdom and grow spiritually.

The Bible promises us that “we may experience various trials”, yet all this suffering will eventually pass (James 1:2-4). Don’t despair — Sunday morning will soon arrive and you will come out stronger than before! Don’t give up pursuing God and praying; keep trying your hardest in every area possible!

8. You find in your heart to forgive those who hurt you.

God often allows us to go through tough situations for his good, be it obedience (Psalm 119:67) or faith strengthening, such as Habakkuk 3:16’s promise of victory; understanding His kingdom principles more deeply (Luke 1:57); or increasing endurance when facing trials and tribulations (1 Peter 4:13).

Remind yourself that God is with you and will never leave. Nothing can surprise Him or stand in his way when it comes to accomplishing his perfect plans for your life. While the Lord may be present everywhere we turn, you and I must choose to draw close so He can work in our favor; His presence makes all the difference when facing hardship – His love surpasses any hardship!

9. You still have the Lord’s favor.

No matter how it may feel, God isn’t leaving you behind. While you may be facing tough times now, they will pass. Your trials serve a purpose – once completed they will bring joy back into your life!

If Jesus is Lord of your life, His grace and favor are always at work in your life. Like a shield (ratson in Hebrew), His blessing surrounds you so you can face any challenge head on and come out victorious because He’s on your side! Take time each day to accept this generosity – He wants nothing more than to bless you and show his love through this daily gift from Him! His affection for you is real! Believe and live it as much as possible – His affection for you is real!

10. You still have a sense of purpose.

God has a plan for your life, even when it doesn’t appear so at first glance. Trials can either break you or make you stronger; to find peace through them all you must trust the Lord with all your problems and let Him be in charge of solving them all.

Finding your purpose may take time, but one great place to start is through reading the Bible. God speaks through its pages and can show us how best we can glorify Him – like Mary did by bearing Jesus, Moses freeing Israel from slavery, or Paul sharing and preaching about Christ.

Satan may tempt you into thinking God has abandoned you, but this isn’t true – He’s always got your back and can use any situation for good.

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