Dragon Ball Gods of Destruction – Who is the Strongest God of Destruction?

strongest god of destruction

Because so many new Gods of Destruction were introduced during the Tournament of Power, many viewers are asking who the strongest one is. Beerus stands out as being extremely potent; his ability to destroy opponents easily puts them downhill.

However, there are other gods more powerful than Beerus who deserve our respect and consideration. Here are a few.

1. Beerus

Beerus is easily the strongest God of Destruction in Dragon Ball. He can destroy planets with just a thought, easily overpowering Super Saiyan 3 Goku in his full Super Saiyan God mode, and easily overthrow Super Saiyan God mode itself. However, Beerus can be unpredictable at times; quickly becoming angry if provoked too easily; also tending to sleep until hungry before awakening; being inspired by cats (especially their tendencies towards being irritable and lazy), Beerus shares many characteristics associated with them that makes him even stronger in terms of power!

Beerus became God of Destruction through demonstration. While Kai and Supreme Kai were born with godlike powers that propelled them towards deities, Beerus earned his position by being proven the strongest at one point. Beerus () was initially intended as an allusion to Japanese for virus but was altered by Akira Toriyama to suit. Furthermore, Whis is named after whiskey while all other Gods of Destruction share his name.

Universe 4’s Quitela is another powerful God of Destruction. He possesses a distinctive style of fighting that allows him to stall out Beerus with counterattacks. Furthermore, Quitela’s intelligence allows him to use his strength efficiently. Like Champa and Lazor in Universe 1, his primary weakness lies within laziness – often seen napping during vital battles; however when battle ensues Quitela can prove much more focused and aggressive than Beerus!

2. Champa

Champa is one of the strongest Gods of Destruction in the multiverse. She benefits from receiving training by her personal attendant and mentor Vados to further bolster her power, unleashing powerful ki blasts which can destroy entire planets with ease.

Champa’s Ki can also be used to bring dead people back to life; however, she tries to limit this use as it causes her much pain and suffering in the long run. Champa can teleport around her universe as necessary.

Beerus and Champa were watching the Tournament of Power preliminaries when she became passive as Piccolo battled Frost. She was disappointed that a referee did not disqualify him for running off in the middle of a fight; unfortunately she could do nothing to stop Piccolo from becoming disabled by Frost’s poison needles.

Champa, as the Goddess of Destruction from Universe 6, is immensely powerful. While she recognizes her twin brother has much stronger physical attributes than she does, Champa still considers herself the most effective God of Destruction across the multiverse. With the ability to teleport between locations quickly and scout out opponents quickly – often being overwhelmed by allies from her own universe! Additionally, Champa’s ability to see both past and future events gives her an edge when planning combat strategies.

3. Mosco

Mosco is the God of Destruction from Universe 3 and she possesses immense power. In the Zen Exhibition Match she was able to withstand an assault by Beerus without succumbing to him, while simultaneously producing powerful energy blasts from her body which she used against Heles and Liquiir in battles between them.

As for Rumsshi and Quitela’s true power levels, their true extent are still unclear as they were never given enough opportunities to fight with each other individually. She does appear stronger than Rumsshi and Quitela since they could take them down without too much trouble.

Though she may not appear intimidating at first glance, Champa is clearly the one most feared by other Gods of Destruction. In contrast to Champa, she doesn’t just seek to destroy all universes at once – rather, she specifically targets ones at risk from turning into darkness and thus shows real compassion towards Heles.

Heles represents an enormous threat to other Universes and therefore needs to be watched carefully. She recognizes this and was willing to send spies into other universes to spy on them – something other Gods of Destruction rarely do. Additionally, she is highly intelligent and strategic as she can be very useful during battle.

4. Quitela

Quitela is the God of Destruction from Universe 4 and, despite his small stature, one of the strongest deities across all universes. Although seemingly small in stature, this sneaky mouse boasts incredible battle cunning and resilience to stand against his foes – not to mention tremendous speed when moving through battle zones with great agility.

At the Tournament of Power, Quitela was victorious against Gods of Destruction from Universes 1, 5, and 8, managing to deflect Beerus’ Destructive Sphere and defeat his Destructive Sphere with ease. Furthermore, his skill as a fighter makes him one of the more formidable Gods of Destruction alongside her other teammates.

This short-lived God of Destruction holds immense potential, but due to limited screen time we never get to witness all his amazing powers in action. However, his abilities more than stand up against other gods of destruction and could challenge Beerus given enough time.

At the Zen Exhibition Match, Quitela manages to hold his own against Beerus and Champa, even winning an arm wrestling match between them. This feat alone is impressive enough, yet Quitela still believes he can defeat Beerus directly; yet his claim of defeating Beerus via hand-to-hand combat goes unfulfilled despite being so confident about his strength; furthermore Quitela proves himself one of the more ruthless Gods of Destruction across multiverse.

5. Liquiir

Liquiir is a Fox-centric God of Destruction from Universe 8. While initially appearing weaker, his power levels exponentially increase after using his Tail Energy Cannon Barrage attack to triple his tail count from three to nine; more than enough for victory against Iwan and Arak. Although exempted from Tournament of Power due to Universe 8’s high mortal ranking, Liquiir still attended Expo matches where he held his own against other Gods of Destruction such as Quitela and Mosco.

Universe 7’s God of Destruction stands as one of the strongest deities in the series. Although he may lack fancy attire and impressive ki blasts, his sheer power and massive presence more than makes up for any shortcomings in either department. When facing off against Goku in the Tournament of Power he managed to release no less than four ki clouds while fighting him – knocking out Grand Priest with one hit! Additionally he took offense at being disregarded when Universe 9 was erased, showing at least some measure of respect for life from him.

Like Beerus, he’s a strong God of Destruction who’s difficult to defeat directly in a direct fight. However, his strategic mind showed when he managed to trap all other Gods of Destruction inside Belmod’s Imprisonment Ball before using Hakai blasts to break free and break out later using Hakai blasts from Hakai blast guns – showing off how good at playing games he really is. After making an excuse about an injury occurring shortly thereafter he pretended it had occurred, showing just how good he knew he played his games he really understood his game well enough.

6. Iwne

Though Iwan may not be as well-known as other Gods of Destruction, he’s still an intimidating force. Universe 1’s God of Destruction exhibits more subdued passions or explosive feelings compared to his counterparts; during the Tournament of Power he seemed more concerned with protecting planets within his realm without showing an urge to destroy anything unnecessarily. Additionally, Iwan can fly and can shoot multiple rhombus-shaped energy blasts at once.

Beerus also employs the Ki Blast technique, like his counterpart Beerus from Dragon Ball Z. However, only Heles, the God of Namek who draws inspiration from Egyptian mythology can fire rhombus-shaped blasts from her bow and arrow. She may display some self-love but this doesn’t stop her from showing incredible strength.

At the Tournament of Power, he easily held his own against Gods of Destruction from all other universes. A worthy challenger to Beerus and one of the strongest Gods of Destruction overall, he can fire an array of Ki Blasts including powerful energy waves called X-rays which he can manipulate in numerous ways to cause destruction in various forms – making him impossible for anyone else to overcome him. Furthermore, he can transform into a fierce beast capable of biting its adversaries to shreds.

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