Can God Take Away Your Feelings For Someone?

can god take away your feelings for someone

No matter how strong or profound our faith or perception of reality may be, hope delayed can leave our hearts feeling sick with sorrow.

My question often is “Can God take away my feelings for someone?” Let’s explore this subject together.

1. He wants you to move on

If God is telling you to part ways with someone, it could mean He wants you with someone else someday. Accept and consider this possibility because oftentimes when our desires remain unfulfilled they only become sweeter once fulfilled; that’s why it’s essential that you recognize your feelings as they exist without becoming attached to them.

God may tell you to leave an unhealthy relationship if it goes against His will and causes selfishness, greed or sin in any relationship. He wants you to find someone who loves Him as much as they love you; one whom He created just for you.

Let go of someone you want back is never easy, as the memory can linger and consume your thoughts for days at a time. Therefore, healthy habits must be implemented in order to move on – such as avoiding them, spending less time together, and prioritizing spiritual practices in your life.

Writing Bible verses that speak to you at this time on index cards or post-it notes and setting reminders on your phone may also help. Reading and repeating these passages when thoughts of them come up will remind us to remember God’s truth and bring comfort.

Finally, prayer can provide much-needed guidance and strength from God during this difficult period of your life. He will comfort you while showing how to trust in Him more in future endeavors.

If God is showing you that He does not want you to be with a certain person, it’s best to heed His advice and not ignore His will. Ignoring it could result in disappointment and depression; trust that all things work out for the good of His children even heartbreak; Romans 8:28 says so:

2. He wants you to trust him

As you spend more time with God, He will help you learn to trust Him more fully. Remember He is trustworthy and won’t ever abandon or forsake you; He’s your ultimate provider for all of your needs and a loving Father who’s here with you every step of the way! Spending time in His presence or reading His word will be key in building faith as your faith deepens further each time.

When feeling anxious or discouraged, remind yourself that God is at work in every situation for your good (Romans 8:28). He uses experiences to draw you closer to Him and teach how you can trust Him more. If the person with whom you’re falling in love isn’t God’s best fit for you, He’ll make that clear to you in some way – perhaps by sending signs that this relationship is not meant for you; perhaps they act poorly towards other people, etc.

In the meantime, continue praying and seeking wisdom from God. He will give you strength if that’s His will for you, or when the right time to start dating again comes along. Additionally, speaking to someone like a pastor or another Christian may help work through difficult emotions more easily.

Keep faith with God during times of heartache. He will support and provide for all your needs during this difficult time; He will use painful events to strengthen your faith and deepen trust in Him more; He will direct you toward the right person at just the right time; everything will work together for His glory (Romans 8:28). So keep looking up to Him while growing in your relationship – His promise is that you will be blessed.

3. He wants you to be happy

Even when we know God wants us to be content, sometimes it can still be hard to find true happiness. Sometimes people or things try to fill the void within themselves by distracting us with unhelpful distractions such as friends or things which don’t give true contentment; however, this only prolongs heartache further by delaying healing processes. Instead, surrender those things over to Him and focus on His work instead.

Many Christians struggle with understanding what true happiness entails, with some mistakingly thinking the Bible doesn’t discuss or endorse happiness as such. That is simply not true – instead, the scripture is full of words such as joy, gladness and delight that highlight its pursuit – Ecclesiastes is particularly relevant here.

Unfortunately, some Christians use scripture verses like these to justify immoral behavior and sinful acts. Their argument goes that if God wants them to be happy then their sins shouldn’t bother them as much – which can create much suffering both inside and outside religion. Such arguments should never be used as justification.

As Scripture instructs, our feelings cannot always accurately predict God’s will for us – this is particularly relevant in romantic relationships where emotions can cloud judgment and lead us to believe He wants us to remain when in reality He may be asking us to move on.

Rather, acknowledge your emotions by asking “Why am I feeling this way?” to understand their cause and create an action plan to manage them in a Godly and healthy manner.

If your relationship has broken down, pray for guidance on how to restore it. God is a god of restoration and can heal even the most broken relationships.

4. He wants you to love yourself

The Bible contains much guidance for loving oneself, which can lead to greater devotion towards God and others. Loving yourself enables you to love others in healthy ways and assist their development. However, it’s essential that there be a distinction between loving yourself and being selfish; loving yourself in biblical terms means treating yourself with compassion, kindness, grace and respect as an individual while being content in every situation knowing that He has His plans for you.

God unconditionally loves each and every one of his creations, regardless of past mistakes or future actions. He knows you will make mistakes and sin, yet He still made you with a purpose in mind – even on your hardest days He shows his unconditional love by encouraging and motivating us forward!

When you don’t love yourself, it can be challenging to love others or trust God with your heart. You may experience feelings of resentment against other people or believe they deserve better treatment; yet God values each of us equally and wants nothing but the best for all His creations – He created you in his image and wants only peace for each of his children!

One way you can learn to love yourself more is by studying the Bible with other believers and participating in an online Bible study group. Here you can discover God’s unconditional love while finding support and comfort from fellow Christians who understand what you’re facing.

If you are having difficulty moving forward from an event in your life, praying and asking God for forgiveness could help ease the transition. He can heal broken hearts and help restore self-love; His love has always been with us! And remember, His care begins even before time began itself so you never need feel unloved or unwanted again!

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