All Saints Orthodox Church in Raleigh, NC

all saints orthodox church raleigh

The All Saints Orthodox Church in Raleigh, North Carolina offers many services for those seeking to participate. It is also a place where children can enjoy summer camps, book studies, and funeral arrangements.

Book studies

The All Saints Orthodox Church in Raleigh, NC has been a pillar of faith since its founding. This stalwart of a church serves a growing congregation of faithful, some of whom have been attending for generations. Its impressive neo-Gothic architecture is complemented by the latest in neo-Contemporary amenities. One of the highlights of the church is its Sunday school department. They have a curriculum that satisfies the needs of every child, from the earliest learners to the adolescent. In addition to its stellar academics, the church also offers a slew of social opportunities. From a lively Sunday School to its annual multi-day retreat, members are able to participate in activities ranging from scavenger hunts to competitive tournaments.

The All Saints may be small in stature, but their library boasts an enviable collection of books and periodicals. They have a robust educational program that includes a robust children’s bible, and a large and varied Sunday School curriculum. For the edification of their students, they offer a variety of learning activities, from one-on-one tutoring to group study. Aside from the traditional offerings, the church also offers a host of esoteric classes that are sure to satisfy any student’s thirst for knowledge. Some of the more unusual classes include the aforementioned bible study, and the science, math and history program, which focuses on the sciences and social sciences.

Children’s summer camp

If you are in the Raleigh area, you may be interested in attending a children’s summer camp at All Saints Orthodox Church. This is a great opportunity to learn about the Orthodox faith, as well as make new friends.

The church’s director of education is Sh. Shell Keim, a mother of six who has spent the last twenty years homeschooling her family. She is a graduate of the CIRCE Institute’s three-year classical teaching apprenticeship, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Gardner-Webb University. Previously, she was the director of the church school at All Saints for fifteen years.

Her favorite part about working at the church is learning about the Orthodox faith with the children. She enjoys creating a curriculum and learning about children’s education. One of her goals is to create an elementary curriculum that teaches children about the Orthodox faith in a hands-on way.

Father Michael Ross is a lifelong Orthodox Christian who has served in youth ministry, music ministry, and Christian education. He was ordained to the holy priesthood in 2001 and pastored a number of mission parishes in Spokane, Washington, and Topeka, Kansas. In addition, he currently serves as a deacon at Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Topeka. Besides being active in his church, he also enjoys studying languages and woodworking.

Funeral arrangements

All Saints Orthodox Church is the place to be when in Raleigh. Its most recent occupant, George Kwascha, is a pillar of the community and a devoted family man. If you’re a local resident and are looking for a good time with a good friend, this is the spot to be. The church is located at 520 Buck Jones Road and you’ll find more than a few familiar faces waiting for you. Among the many amenities that are on offer is a complimentary buffet for you and your guests. You can’t go wrong by stopping by for a post-hobby snooze before the big game.

For those who have a more socially responsible disposition, you might want to consider making a charitable contribution to your chosen organization. Although the church has a modest budget, you’ll be rewarded with an experience akin to visiting the local yuletide. This will most certainly be a time to cherish for years to come.

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