6 Reasons Why God Isn’t Helping Me

why isnt god helping me

If your prayers seem fruitless and there’s nothing back from God, it could be due to one or more of these 6 reasons.

Are you determined to achieve what you desire through any means necessary, even if that means going against God? If this describes your behavior, you could be missing some crucial signs: 1. Not trusting in His goodness & timing

1. You’re not trusting Him

At times, God may seem distant because we’ve stopped trusting in Him as an answer for a specific need in life. Trusting in God requires that each individual make his or her own decision about who or what to trust – feelings and circumstances may change quickly but trusting in His promises should remain constant; trust Him because He’s the source of hope! He will take care of what’s most important to you!

When we don’t trust God fully, our focus becomes more centered around ourselves and less on Him. We may begin to feel helpless or that He doesn’t even care about our problems – which can be dangerous as it leads us down a dangerous path toward depression, self-pity, apathy or anger at Him.

Your frustration may have you questioning why this happens when your history includes being healed in the past, yet every person goes through difficult periods at some point – including great men of faith like Martin Luther. God is testing our commitment and faith during times like these to see whether we remain true even through difficulty.

Trust that God understands your circumstances and will work His plan out for your good despite any pain. He gives hope and support when life gets rough; Jesus promised His followers they would have trouble, yet He assured them He would never abandon or forsake them.

2. You’re ignoring Him

Your prayers may seem unanswered at times, but that doesn’t mean God has abandoned you! Instead, He’s using this season of hardship as an opportunity to show his glory while making you feel good too! Instead of thinking that He’s abandoning you altogether, focus on ways you can serve Him instead – this way He can use your problems to bless others while making you feel more at peace yourself!

5. You’re ignoring His promises

Many people become perplexed as to why God seems not to answer their prayers, as Scripture promises that He hears and answers all prayers without fail. When this seems not to be happening it can become easy to become discouraged and lose hope when God seems disinterested in listening at all.

One reason you may be neglecting God is because your attention is focused on yourself rather than Him. Therefore, it’s so essential that we spend time in His word and listen to what it has to say – His plans for us are far greater than any we could ever imagine! Furthermore, nothing can stop His ultimate purpose!

If you are taking advice from teachers and godly friends but ignoring it, this could be another telltale sign that you’re ignoring God. By closing off your eyes and ears to what He is trying to accomplish in your life, He won’t grant you the happiness He promised – all it takes is opening yourself up so He can show what His plans for you are!

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