5 Weird Things God Uses to Reveal the One He Wants You to Marry

When looking for your life partner, it is essential that both of you share an appreciation of Jesus. Doing this will ensure your shared values revolve around Him and not vice versa.

God uses signs such as extraordinary coincidences, dreams, confirmation from trusted sources and an overwhelming feeling of peace to show you whom He has selected for you.

1. Unusual coincidences

When meeting someone for the first time and discovering they share similar interests to yours, it may seem like mere chance. But if this person keeps reappearing in your life at key moments, this may be a sign from God that this individual should remain part of your life – perhaps as your romantic partner?

People have attempted to explain coincidences using everything from grandiose theories involving mysterious forces at work in the Cosmos to pragmatic cognitive studies that investigate our pattern-seeking brains, but the reality remains: unlikely events occur all too frequently.

2. Dreams

Dreams and visions play an integral part in communicating God’s will for His people, so if you dream about someone special to you it may be His way of showing who He wants you to marry.

Dreams that show someone with blurry features or altar services but you are unable to connect with the person directly could be signs from God about your future husband, according to Loewenberg’s interpretation. “These symbols of commitment may also mirror some aspect of yourself that you may not yet fully embrace – such as being humorous or light-hearted,” Loewenberg explained to mbg.

An important consideration when analyzing dreams is their context and content. If your dream seems out of the blue or enigmatic, this may be God confirming what He’s showing you. But be wary – dreams can also serve as signs of infatuation or sexual desire so be wary when interpreting these messages from your subconscious mind.

Other things to keep an eye out for include signs from nature, divine guidance and prophecy from God. He will speak through all these avenues; but we must listen and respond appropriately if we hear voices other than His. Any voice other than his may be from Satan or selfish desires in your heart – so develop spiritual hearing to distinguish these from God’s voice so you can recognize who the one he intends for you to marry is. He’ll show you someone whose wounds perfectly match up with those you’ve received from him/her!

3. Confirmation from trusted sources

Some single people believe God reveals their soulmate directly, while this may sometimes be the case. He can reveal your ideal partner through various channels – unusual coincidences, dreams, confirmation from reliable sources or divine timing are just a few ways He may reveal who it will be.

Unusual coincidences and synchronicities are one of the primary signs that God is showing you someone important in your life. What may seem like random chance could actually be meaningful messages from Him showing that this individual should play an integral part of your journey. You might also notice this person popping up frequently in your thoughts, bringing joy or being an invaluable source of strength when things get tough.

Dreams are another way that God communicates with us, and can provide insight into your romantic destiny. If your dream involves an encounter with someone exhibiting qualities you want in a partner or mirroring aspects of yourself or character traits you identify with, this could be a sure sign he or she could be someone special. Perhaps feeling an overwhelming sense of belonging could also signal this person is significant to you.

Finally, when making important decisions in life, it’s wise to seek confirmation from trusted sources – whether this means close friends, family members, mentors or anyone who possesses wisdom and discernment. They can provide invaluable insights about potential partners that align with your spiritual convictions as well as experiences they had themselves that demonstrate the positive effects and growth they can bring into your own relationship.

4. Divine timing

Divine timing refers to the belief that everything happens for a reason and at exactly the right moment. This theory implies that God orchestrates events in our lives to work toward reaching His goals, which may differ from ours. Because divine timing often plays out differently than anticipated, it gives us confidence that our efforts haven’t gone to waste.

Signs of divine timing may be subtle. Synchronicities – which are meaningful coincidences that seem too perfect to be random – may indicate divine intervention, such as having a dream that seems directly related to someone you meet later or seeing repeated numbers like 111 or 444 on clocks, license plates or receipts. Divine timing can also manifest in deja vu feelings: having experienced similar events before.

God can use divine timing to show you who he wants you to marry by matching you up with someone who can help heal your wounds. For instance, if you suffer from betrayal fears, He could pair you up with someone with strong abandonment fears and create an alliance that heals both parties as well as lead to a healthy marriage.

Trust that God knows better than you about how your life should unfold, and open yourself up to possibilities rather than having set expectations of how things should go in life. Once you can do that, waiting for your future spouse won’t seem quite so difficult!

5. Unusual peace

As soon as God shows you who He wants you to marry, an overwhelming feeling of peace will wash over you. You’ll know this person is the one for you – nothing can erode that confidence or break your trust in them! This is a sign from above telling you it’s time to move ahead with your relationship.

As important as feeling peaceful is, it should not replace making sure they love God. According to Scripture, equal yoking should only occur between individuals who love each other equally as well as marrying those who do so only if there is peace present between you both – otherwise this might be a telltale sign from the Lord that this relationship may not be His will for you.

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