St. Porphyrios: The Lord Himself will teach us how to pray. . .


“The Lord Himself will teach us how to pray. We won’t learn prayer on our own, nor will anyone else teach us it. Don’t let’s say to ourselves, ‘I have made such -and-such a number of prostrations, so now I have secured divine grace,’ but rather let us make entreaty for the pure light of divine knowledge to shine within us and open our spiritual eyes so that we may understand His divine words.

In this way, without realizing it, we love God without contorting ourselves and without exertion and struggle. What is difficult for man is easy for God. We will love God suddenly when grace overshadows us. If we love Christ very much, the prayer will say itself. Christ will be continually in our mind an d in our heart.”

– St. Porphyrios, Wounded By Love

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