Why Does God Take the Good Ones First?

why does god take the good ones first

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Suffering can come in various forms. Loss of loved ones, betrayal from friends or a failed romantic relationship are all sources of suffering that must be endured.

Why does God take the good ones first?

One day this wife received a revelation from God the Father regarding why He took this young lady home so early. God told her He knew something bad would happen to her in the future and wanted to spare her the pain – so He took her home before things became too severe. Although our world can be dangerous and complex with wild animals and natural disasters – God can use these events for good, such as Joseph being sold into slavery by jealous brothers only to become one of many who saved many from starvation (Genesis 37-50).

Point is, we live in a world that contains both good and evil elements.

Why does God take the bad ones first?

As we witness suffering all around us, it can be easy to question why God doesn’t intervene to stop it. After all, He knows everything that happens past, present and future – He knew Adam and Eve would disobey Him, leading to death as well as chaos and suffering in their wake.

But God doesn’t remove evil from the world because doing so would mean taking away choice from mankind. Instead, He created us with free will so He could enjoy an intimate relationship with them while waiting patiently when things went awry.

Even when good things turn bad, like when your close friend betrays or abandons you, God uses it for good. Consider Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery but later gave him great power in Egypt which saved their family from starvation; all his misfortunes included being falsely imprisoned as part of his leadership training (Genesis 37-50). God always works out his will for those who love Him!

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