Which Orthodox Saints Make the Most Money?

which orthodox saints make the most money

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, anyone who has lived in the footsteps of Christ is regarded as a Saint. While some Saints are officially canonized, every baptized Orthodox Christian is a saint and is a part of the royal priesthood established by Christ when He founded His Church. Saints are particularly valuable role models, as they embody the life of Christ and his Church. Examples of canonized Saints include the Virgin Mary, the writers of the Gospels, the Apostle John and Saint Basil.

St. Blaise

In both the East and the West, Saint Blaise is a holy healer. He is invoked to cure illness and protect people from wild beasts. His head is kept in the Konstamonitou Monastery on Mount Athos.

Blaise was one of the earliest Christian saints. His early life included studies in philosophy, and he became a physician in Sebastea, Armenia. He practiced his profession with great piety and skill, and eventually succeeded the local bishop. During his life, people flocked to him seeking cures for ailments of the body and spirit.

Saint Blaise is the patron of the Armenian Order of Saint Blaise. He was also known as San Biagio and San Blas. Many places in the world are named after him. In Dubrovnik, his feast day falls on 3 February. There are reliquaries in the town, and white doves are released. The Chroniclers of Dubrovnik attribute the veneration of Saint Blaise to a vision he had in 971, forewarning the city of Venetian attack.

Among all orthodox saints, St. Blaise commands the most money. As a Christian priest, he is known for his ability to cure people and drive out unclean spirits.

St. John of Orodni

The popularity of St. John of Orodni has grown dramatically in recent years. This orthodox saint is considered the most revered by many Orthodox believers. His Ladder of Divine Ascent is a popular relic and has been passed down through generations. It is the top-selling relic in the Orthodox world. According to anthropologists, over 95 percent of households in Romania house a Holy Bible. The Ladder of Divine Ascent has been translated into many languages and has even been imported to the United States.

The relics of the saint are widely available online. This allows the orthodox community to buy them for personal use. The relics are typically sold for a minimum of $50. Some Orthodox churches even offer more expensive options, such as St. John of Orodni’s relics.

The most popular Orthodox saint in Serbia is St. Basil of Caesarea. He was an early Christian, having converted through the influence of his wife. He served as bishop in Cappadocia for forty-five years, defending the faith. In his old age, he went on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He died in peace at age 49.

St. Cyril

Cyril was a great church figure. He was on the patriarchal throne for 32 years before dying. The saint was hailed as a father and teacher by his fellow saints. He is commemorated on January 18 along with Saint Athanasios of Alexandria. The two saints are revered as fathers of the church.

Cyril was born in Alexandria in AD 370. He was the nephew of Archbishop Theophilos and received a good theological education. He later succeeded his uncle and became patriarch. He also presided over the Third Ecumenical Council in AD 431, which confirmed the autocephaly of the Apostolic Church of Cyprus.

Cyril also preached spiritual enlightenment and instilled this in his disciples. He had over two thousand books in his monastery. Sixteen of these books were titled “Wonderworker Cyril.” Cyril also wrote several letters, three of which have survived to this day. These letters were full of spiritual instruction, love, peace, and consolation.

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