When Does God Remove a Person From Your Life to Give Them Back?

can god remove a person from your life to give them back later

God often takes away people who were never meant to be in your life because He knows they would only cause you grief and heartache. By doing this, He spares you sleepless nights and tears knowing they weren’t meant for you anyway.

1. He Has an Agenda.

1. He Has a Plan for You

God knows every detail of your life from the time you were born. He understands your every thought and decision as well as who will come into and out of your life at any given moment, which includes whom will encounter and leave behind in their wake. God may bring certain people into your life for specific seasons, only removing them when their purpose has passed – no one can derail his plans for you!

Sometimes it can be hard to recognize what God is trying to show you, but if you keep bringing a person back into your life despite clear warning signs then that is on you and not Him. He won’t punish or force anyone out – it is entirely within your free will and if you choose to ignore these warnings then that will ultimately be your own responsibility if things don’t turn out the way they were meant.

If someone in your life is constantly pulling you away from your spiritual path, perhaps it is time to part ways with them. Focusing on God and keeping His words front of mind may be harder with toxic individuals in the way.

By cutting ties with toxic people, it can create space in your life for someone better who may provide greater growth, support and effort than their predecessor. They might even give you that sense of stability that has been missing until now.

2. Your Relationship with Them Might Have Become Toxic

If someone keeps pushing away when you try to build relationships, God may be showing you they have become toxic. Toxic people can drain you of energy and leave you feeling worthless. They tend to only think about themselves; they lie, manipulate and treat others poorly. If this sounds familiar to you, seek the Lord’s assistance and guidance in setting healthy boundaries between toxic people in your life and healthy ones that have healthy boundaries between yourself and them.

Toxic people tend to create constant drama in your life. They thrive off creating excuses, lies, fabrications and crazy situations to complicate things further and seem to relish any attention it brings them. If you find yourself with such people in your life it is crucial that you seek God’s guidance in dealing with them appropriately.

Are You Confused by Life Events or Unrealized Goals? “Why hasn’t My Help Worked?” If that is your thought, be reminded that some people just won’t change. Though it can be painful watching someone close continue to hurt us, remember your relationship with the Lord should come before all other relationships as He knows the depths of your heart and won’t hesitate to remove anyone causing harm to ourselves or others.

Sometimes we must let go of relationships that don’t bring us any happiness in order to open ourselves up to new ones. If a certain man or woman keeps pushing away and being unfaithful to you, perhaps now is the time to find someone else who can take better care in loving and cherishing you more completely.

3. You Have Become Dependent on Someone Than on God

If you find yourself prioritizing something or someone above God, this could be a telltale sign of His work in your life. When it comes to relationships with Jesus Christ and other individuals or things outside yourself, prioritization should never come first – He knows your needs more intimately than anyone. Trust in His decisions even when they make no sense at first – only hope lies within His wings!

As important, it is also essential that you realize you cannot control your future or that of others. Although they may appear to love and look out for your interests, that isn’t always true – people can be manipulative and have multiple agendas they are hiding behind. But God knows everything that goes on inside people’s hearts and minds; He will remove anyone toxic from your life that doesn’t belong there.

As difficult as it can be to accept someone leaving your life, God always has an excellent plan in store. Any attempt at forcing someone back in will most likely backfire disastrously.

God can often use loss to teach a lesson. He wants us to realize that no one person should ever become our sole reliance for survival; just as Israel was made aware when they tried relying solely on other nations for security in the wilderness rather than Him for protection, and learned through experience that they weren’t enough. They learned hard lessons as they realized God is their source for all their needs.

4. They Are Not Right for You

God often removes toxic people from your life because they’re toxic to you and could even be doing damage without you realizing it – for instance spreading bad gossip behind your back or making you feel guilty over something which wasn’t your responsibility. If this occurs, chances are it’s because they care more for themselves than for you; these individuals want nothing more than for their own gain to see you suffer as much as possible.

Or it might just not have the same spiritual qualities that you do; God knows who He brings into our lives and which people will help us accomplish His will for us; if someone doesn’t fit, He’ll remove them to bring someone in who does.

If you continue to let someone back into your life despite obvious warning signs that they’re not the one for you, it could be because you do not listen to God. Unfortunately, we all bear responsibility for others’ mistakes; if continuing to tolerate someone who hurts you is your choice.

God wants you to find someone with similar qualities who will complement you perfectly and won’t cause you any unnecessary heartache in the process. If you force someone into your life who doesn’t fit properly, it could only end in disaster for both of you.

5. God Wants to Bring Someone Else in

Remind yourself that God alone can bring true love. Sometimes this means parting ways with someone you care deeply for in order to find that same kind of connection elsewhere – although it may be difficult, trust that what he or she has planned is for your own good and allow yourself to move forward with life without them.

Even when someone has caused you pain in the past, it is essential to remember that forgiveness is a choice and shouldn’t be forced upon yourself. While you should forgive them if they continue causing harm to yourself or others, ultimately trust that God has something better for your future and toxic people can’t fulfill that destiny.

There could be numerous reasons for you to feel that God is taking away someone from your life, such as overstaying their welcome or becoming a source of suffering in some form or another. Or it could even be that your toxic thought patterns or relationships have given too much power over to them; whatever it may be, He wants to remove them because He knows they cannot manage in your presence.

When God takes someone away from your life it can be painful and confusing, but you should trust that He’s doing it for both your benefit and that of others. By taking them away he allows you to see who they really are as people – as well as whether or not they could fit back in with you later if it’s meant to be that way.

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