Unique Orthodox Saint Names

Orthodox Saint names can be a great way to show your faith. This list contains names of saints from around the world. These names are unique and memorable. If you are seeking unique orthodox saint names for your child, consider these popular choices. In addition to Saint Mark, you may also like to consider St Zenas, St Ruadan, or St Ida of Nivelles.

St Mark

St Mark

Orthodox Christians traditionally give baptized or christmated people Christian names. These names are usually derived from the saints. However, if a name is already taken by a saint, it should not be used for baptism. The best way to avoid this dilemma is to use a name that has not yet been used by a saint.

St Zenas

Orthodox Christian saint names are unique to the Church, which is the only group to continue this tradition. These names are used for Christian baptized children or those who are christmated. They are given to people for many different reasons, from personal preference to family ties.

St Ruadan

Most Orthodox Christians are given Christian names after being baptized or christmated. These names come from their patron saints. Here are some unique examples of these names.

St Ida of Nivelles

St Ida of Nivelles is a renowned saint. She was born in 592 AD and died at the Abbey of Nivelles in Belgium. Her feast day is May 8. She was a daughter of the Duke of Aquitania and the Bishop of Trier. She later married Pepin of Landen and had three children. After the death of her husband in 640, St Ida founded a Benedictine double monastery at Nivelles in Belgium.

St Caedmon

The Orthodox tradition of naming newborn infants with a saint’s name is one of the oldest in the world. It symbolizes the child’s entrance into the Church and the arena of spiritual warfare which begins with baptism. Many Orthodox Christian countries celebrate the saint’s name day instead of a birthday to celebrate the child’s birth.

St Ida of Alt-Fadha

St Ida of Alt-Faadha was an exemplary Christian woman from the early third century. Her life was marked by a deep love for God. She had the virtue of being able to convey the voice of God to others. In her early years, she embraced monastic life, going to the monastery at Ui Conaill in southwestern Ireland. Her convent was soon transformed into a school for boys, and became famous for its high level of learning and moral purity.

St Ida of Herzfeld

St Ida of Herzfeld

The earliest known saint with the name St Ida is a Roman Catholic nun who lived in the early Middle Ages. She married a wealthy man and had three children but longed to devote her life to prayer and visiting the sick. After her husband died, she formed a community of women who would share her pious ideals.


Saint Hadrianus is also known as Saint Adrian. He was a Christian who became a martyr along with his wife, Natalia. The couple lived in the early fourth century in the city of Nicomedia in Asia Minor. His name was popular among Christians in northern Europe. He is also considered a saint of war.

The Greek name Damian is derived from the word damazo, which means “to tame”. The first martyr of Christianity, Damian was martyred in Syria during the fourth century. He was also the patron saint of physicians. His name was later used in Christian Europe, including the name of the fifth-century patriarch of Constantinople. Another popular name was Hadrianus, which was a corruption of Hadrianus, the emperor of Rome.

Many Orthodox Christians value learning about their saints. They are examples of what Christians are supposed to do, and their lives can serve as inspirations. As a result, many people are named after them, and their names are celebrated on their feast day.


Saint Aristeides is a Greek philosopher who lived during the 2nd century AD. He studied at the Philosophical School of Athens and was a disciple of Saint Hierotheos and Dionysius the Areopagite. He was a strong defender of Christianity and wrote the famous Apology.

St. Ariadne was born in a wealthy Christian family. She converted a large number of pagans to Christianity. She was beaten and imprisoned by her pagan master Tertullus, who ordered his household to sacrifice to idols. She lived in asceticism for 38 years, revealing her identity only on her death bed. Her companion, Paphnutius, became a monk at the same monastery and died ten years later.

Aristeides is an uncommon orthodox saint name. This unique Greek saint name has the meaning of “faithful father.” In the Patriarchate of Constantinople, he is known as the patron saint of the archdiocese of Illyricum. His relics are located in the Patriarchate of Constantinople.


The name of an Orthodox saint is an important part of the Christian faith, and choosing one is a way to express your faith. These names are unique and memorable. Some of the most popular orthodox saint names include St Zenas, St Ruadan, and St Ida of Nivelles. Traditionally, Christians give children and infants Christian names after baptism, and most people are given these names based on a saint. If you are looking for unique names for your child, it is important to find an Orthodox name that is appropriate.

It is also possible to choose a saint name that is unique to your family. A unique orthodox saint name can be the name of a man or woman who has had a special place in their lives. It is not recommended to adopt a saint’s name if it is already borne by another Christian. Some people decide to change their names because of identity issues. In one case, two men had Christian names but had a desire to take the name of an Orthodox saint. However, both men had lapsed from the Orthodox Church. In such cases, your pastor should discourage you from renouncing a saint name.

St. Xenia

The Greek Orthodox Church has long revered St. Xenia as one of its most beloved saints. This Greek nun was imprisoned and abused, but she miraculously came out alive and eventually became a saint. She received the name Xenia in honor of her miracle-working ability. Originally named Aphrodisia, St. Xenia was given a feast day on May 3rd, although that date is not on the Greek Orthodox calendar.

Xenia was a widow who took up the Cross and followed Christ. Her life was so exemplary that many souls were attracted to Christ through her devotion. When she died, a luminous wreath of stars surrounded her radiant cross in the heavens, and the heavenly bodies stayed with her body until burial. Her relics have been venerated as miraculous, and many sick people have received healings by touching them.

St. Gertrude

In the Middle Ages, Saint Gertrude was venerated as a saint. She had churches built in her honor, and she was associated with many miracles. One of her miracles was the healing of an ocean monster that threatened to capsize her ship. After invoking her name, the sea monster vanished.

Gertrude had many visions and was prolific in her writing, and she followed the path of Jesus Christ. Even after her death, she continued to care for others. Her humanitarian work included saving lives at sea, stopping a fire at a monastery, curing a blind girl, rescuing a man from kidnappers, and resuscitating a servant boy.

Saint Gertrude was also an important patron for cats, and was invoked against mice and vermin. She was also known as a protector of travelers, as well as of those who suffer from mental illnesses.

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