The Orthodox Saints of Africa

orthodox saints of africa

The Orthodox Saints of Africa have been a huge inspiration to many people over the centuries. These saints have helped countless people from all walks of life and have even made a positive impact on their societies. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in order to bring about a greater awareness of them and their contributions. This article will explore some of the most notable African orthodox saints and what they have to offer us.

St. Moses

Moses is a saint of African heritage. He is a revered member of the Orthodox church. Saint Moses is celebrated as a patron of forgiveness. His name is often translated as Abba Moses, Murin, and Moses the Black. In his life he became a priest and a monk, and he became a father.

When he was a child, St. Moses used to steal things from his family’s house. However, after he met St. Isidore, he decided to change. Instead of stealing, he went on a spiritual journey.

Eventually, St. Isidore showed him how to pray, meditate, and receive divine grace. It was during these times that St. Isidore introduced him to the holy angels of God.

He also told him about the innumerable angels on the other side of the veil. This is why St. Isidore advised him to fast and continue his prayer.

St. Athanasius

St Athanasius is known as one of the foremost theologians of all time. He was a great champion of the Church’s position on the Incarnation. His life was a powerful testimony to the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Athanasius was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in the year 296. As a child he went to the famous theological school of Alexandria. After graduating from there, he became a deacon. At the age of thirty, he was appointed to the chair of St. Mark, a position which he held until his death.

During the fourth century, the church faced a major battle with the Arianism heresy. Athanasius was the foremost Defender of Christian orthodoxy, and he was one of the best-known writers of anti-Arian works.

St. Barbaros

Saint Barbaros was a black robed African monk who lived during the early ninth century. Known for his miraculous feats, he was also declared a saint by the Orthodox Church. He was also venerated in a village in Leukada.

The most obvious thing about Saint Barbaros was his name. His parents were Ethiopian. A miracle attributed to the saint was his healing of a blind woman for seven years. This was probably the most important event in his life. Eventually he became a Christian monk and took his place in the prestigious monasteries of Mount Athos and Meteora.

There are many black Orthodox Saints to be found in Greece, particularly in the Pelion Peninsula in central Greece. For example, there is a very rare icon of Saint Barbaros at the historical church of Agioi Taxiarhes Pammegiston in the town of Pammegiston.

St. Sophronios

Saint Sophrony was one of the early Christian theologians. He was a Russian native who lived in Mount Athos. His writings are an important component in Eastern mysticism. He played a leading role in the development of mystical theology.

In his exposition, Saint Sophrony offers a profound approach to experiencing the divine Light. He explains how this uncreated light comes from God and burns away the sins in our lives. But he warns us against seeing the energy of thinking as the Light.

Seeing the Light is an important spiritual climax. It enables us to see ourselves with great clarity and to realize the presence of God. However, it requires a lot of ascetic work. We must strive to remain in prayer as much as possible. And we must keep in mind that we can only pray in God’s time, not our own.

St. Gerontissa

Gerontissa Gabrielia was a 20th century saintly Greek Orthodox nun. She died on March 28, 1992. During her lifetime she was known for her charity, generosity, and travel. In later years she withdrew into a quiet life. Her collected writings are now being translated into English.

The life of Gerontissa Gabrielia was filled with highs and lows. For instance, she was the youngest of four children. A cataract surgery in Athens in 1966 restored her vision in her right eye. After that she had a bandage over her right eye and a lens grown in to her left eye.

Despite her limited sight, Gerontissa enjoyed many experiences. She lived in Lalibela and the New Jerusalem in Lalibela, the island of Leros, and travelled to Africa. She founded hesychastirion (monasteries of the Holy Archangels).

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