Talking to God While High

talking to god while high

The Bible strictly forbids recreational drug use, calling them sorcery and opening up pathways to demons. Engaging in recreational drug usage such as marijuana or LSD/Acid use constitutes sinful conduct.

Adolescents’ religious and spiritual views do not always oppose their substance use. Qualitative data revealed that adolescents viewed cannabis use as acceptable and consistent with their spirituality.

Talk to God

If you are under the influence of marijuana or another drug, prayer can be challenging to focus on. To make prayer effective and avoid distractions while communicating with God directly, it’s essential that you find a peaceful space where you can commune directly with God without interruptions from distractions or devices such as journals to help express yourself better.

While it may be tempting to think that when praying to God you must use special “magic words”, this isn’t necessary. Simply communicate with Him like any close friend would; share your concerns, thoughts and even thanksgivings.

By sharing with God about both your joys and sorrows, you form an intimate relationship with a compassionate deity who knows exactly how you’re feeling. Doing this will enable Him to speak directly to you while making you feel more at ease with yourself. Additionally, He hears you even when you’re not praying because He understands your struggles better than any one can; He knows your heart better than anyone does and trusting in His timing will build faith more quickly so you have strength in yourself for life’s challenges ahead.

Write to God

Writing to God can be an extremely effective means of communication. Writing allows you to express yourself more openly and freely while helping you focus on the key aspects of prayer. Although ideal, writing is best done in an isolated place without distractions; but this may not always be possible – instead try writing as though writing to a friend or keeping a journal!

Remembering to talk to God while high is not sinful; as long as your prayers align with his will, he is listening no matter your state of mind.

Listen to God

As with most relationships, talking and listening to God requires time. Like building strong friendships with those we care about, our relationship with God grows as we spend more time talking and listening. He never contradicts His Word or gives different information than found in Scripture, and He promises faithfully to speak through prayerful moments as well. Many believers describe hearing from Him through physical sensations such as warmth or senses such as nudges; also through sermons or reading a prayer book together.

Pray to God

Many who engage in psychedelic experiences say they use them as a form of prayer, while others view marijuana as their spiritual aid and source for connecting to God. According to these individuals, the government shouldn’t restrict religious practices that involve substances considered illegal under federal law.

As defined in Galatians 5:19-20, using drugs to communicate with supernatural beings is sorcery in the Bible and should be condemned. Instead, surrender your life to Christ and seek His help to overcome spiritual opposition. Read scriptures about Him and meditate upon His attributes such as power, wisdom, faithfulness and compassion – these will assist you in breaking free from this dangerous yet deceptive practice.

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