St Andrew’s Russian Orthodox Church

st andrews russian orthodox church

St. Andrew’s Church in Connecticut is one of only three parishes in America that adheres to Russian Orthodox tradition and enjoys full communion with Rome’s Apostolic See.

Pennsylvania’s industrial revolution can be traced back to the large influx of Eastern European immigrants in the early twentieth century. Many were farmers who relocated there for economic opportunity.

Our History

St. Andrew’s Church began as a mission to Russian immigrants but has evolved into an inspiring center of spiritual growth within the Eastern tradition, welcoming people from all backgrounds who find inspiration in its Divine Liturgy to connect with God and one another.

As a parish, we are dedicated to spreading the Orthodox faith to those who have never encountered it before. Our services are conducted in English and we cordially invite all who come to share in the Orthodox Christian life.

In the years that followed, the church experienced both successes and setbacks. In 1952 it faced fire threats and had to rebuild, including hosting a special Building Fund Banquet in honor of Saint John Chrysostom. Furthermore, it needed repainting. Finally in 1954 the parish was relocated from Maple Street to Concord Street in El Segundo.

Our Services

St Andrew’s Russian Orthodox Church is a parish steeped in the traditions of Russia and the Byzantine East, united with Rome as an Apostolic See. It serves people from all backgrounds living throughout Baltimore-area and beyond.

The parish offers the full spectrum of Orthodox Christian worship, from Divine Liturgy to chanting psalms and reading of Sacred Scripture. It encourages all its members to pursue a closer and more personal relationship with Christ through prayer, study of Scripture, reception of Sacraments, fasting and charitable works.

On October 1st, the parish celebrates their sisterhood members with a Sviachene (post-Paschal dinner). This group is under the patronage of The Protectorate of Mary God.

Our Music

Our Ukrainian choir boasts an incredible musical heritage, featuring works of renowned masters as well as lesser-known yet amazing composers from three centuries. On September 28, LYRA will be hosting a special concert featuring Russian choral music.

The program begins with sacred music, featuring ancient songs to works of great masters as well as an extensive selection of canons – an important yet often forgotten component of liturgical prayer books. Following that, audiences are treated to a selection of folk songs.

On Saturday, March 17 and Sunday, March 18, 2018, St. Andrew’s hosted a Lenten Mission with His Eminence Metropolitan Antony of the UOC of USA as its guest. Fr. Roman Tarnavsky led Vespers led by Very Reverend Stephen Masliuk from Bridgeport, CT; Reverend Borislav Kroner and Deacon Paul Cherkas both from Woonsocket, RI as visiting clergy.

Our Outreach

At St. Andrew’s Church of Ukrainian and Non-Ukrainian Heritage, Eastern tradition meets Western sensibility for spiritual connection to God. Worshippers give glory to the One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit through prayer, divine services, reading of Sacred Scripture, receiving of sacraments, fasting and acts of charity.

In addition to our worship, we strive to reach out to the community through various outreach programs. These include a food pantry, clothing closet and youth camp.

Members of the parish are always needed to volunteer their time and talent. Furthermore, they are able to make home visits to those in need.

Recently, a group of parish volunteers assembled and sent emergency kits to those affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti. This was an inspiring way for us to demonstrate our faith and generosity – not to mention that it was fun for everyone involved! If you would like to join us, please reach out to the church office.

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