Signs You’ve Been Chosen by God

signs youve been chosen by god

God chooses people for specific roles. When He does so, they receive His supernatural strength to transform and empower their lives in extraordinary ways.

God chooses certain individuals to experience miracles and supernatural protection, in addition to hearing His voice clearly and having visions. These special individuals often witness miraculous signs and miraculous events unfold before them.

Recognizing the signs that God is choosing you can help you know if He has chosen you for any particular purpose.

1. You’re surrounded by a supernatural power

God can demonstrate His power and presence through supernatural signs and wonders such as a burning bush, staff that turns into snakes or water which turns red – miracles which demonstrate His presence to both believers and skeptics alike. Such miracles provide proof of his existence to both faithful believers as well as doubters alike.

God has provided us with powerful signs to bring others closer to Himself. They reveal His glory, strengthen faith and heal those in need; while also dispelling Satan’s lies and showing that good always triumphs over evil forces.

Some individuals claim they can see with their eyes closed and hear in the spirit (this ability is known as seership in the bible). Others can prophesy or speak in tongues. If these gifts seem familiar to you, pray about it to ensure they come from God rather than a demon or another source that could have ulterior motives.

Whenever God provides a prophetic word to us, it’s essential that we act quickly on it. A prophecy may predict future events or simply provide encouragement during difficult times (a word of knowledge).

Satan’s powers cannot compete with those of God. It was He who sent lightning bolts to strike Job’s shepherds and flocks with destruction; who turned Aaron’s staff into a serpent; and released frogs into Egypt. Satan may seem powerful at times but only with His permission (Genesis 6:14). While Satan can perform miracles of his own accord (Mark 16:17); without God’s approval he can do nothing else such as creating, healing, protecting or delivering his miracles (Mark 16:17).

2. You receive instant answers to your prayers

God chooses those He blesses to transform, empower and bless in ways that equip them for their calling and dreams. Additionally, they receive spiritual gifts to advance His kingdom on Earth. A telltale sign that you’ve been chosen by Him is receiving instant answers to prayers; when praying the spirit moves within people around you to answer your requests – whether for healing, financial breakthroughs, miracles or any other divine intervention!

Signs that God is calling you are feeling drawn to help those in need – whether that be sharing the Gospel or providing spiritual guidance – as soon as you possibly can. Additionally, people selected by God tend to recognize signs from Him more clearly than other individuals – they might be able to sense when something is good or bad, or possess special discerning powers to discern when something might be a sign from him.

God chooses those who are open and eager to listen to His word, eager to learn more about Jesus and His teachings while showing obedience and submission to Him. Furthermore, these Christians will understand the Bible better than most other Christians due to being able to put things into perspective and see the bigger picture; furthermore they’ll also be able to distinguish between true prophets from false ones as well as know when something comes from God because they’ll be filled with the Holy Spirit and can discern His will more readily than most others can.

3. You experience visions

God often communicates His will through visions to those He chooses. For instance, when He called Samuel as a child, His voice came twice during the night – compelling Samuel to obey and listen before giving him instructions that would shape history forever. Alternatively, He may give more intimate visions, like He did Joseph who saw that God has chosen him to lead his people with reverence and respect.

Visions can be an indicator that God is calling you for a specific task or calling in life, so don’t dismiss their significance as just random signs from life! They could point you towards serving God by furthering His Kingdom on Earth or showing ways you can assist those in need.

Visions can take many forms; simple pictures or words appearing in your mind (such as word clouds or images on screens) could be enough. Or they may come through audibly; maybe there was even an audible voice speaking to you telling you something important.

Ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation of what you see or hear in a vision, and He will respond quickly and clearly, providing solutions and answers for problems associated with those visions. Elijah knew he could depend on Him because He chose him to be His prophet despite an intense drought; God fulfilled His promise!

4. You hear God’s voice clearly

Once God chooses you, you begin hearing His voice clearly in various forms. For some it could be as subtle a whisper in their mind or gut feeling, while for others it could come through vision or Bible scripture – regardless of how He chooses to communicate His love to each individual, no matter the form it takes. No matter how He speaks through, no matter the medium: donkey for Elijah; dream for Pharaoh and writing on wall for Belshazzar in Daniel 5… But He also communicates through many other forms! He speaks regularly through His followers too – each speaking directly or otherwise with them about things that pertain to them personally!

God can reveal Himself when you’re moved by an urge to reach out to those in need – this could be a sign that He’s calling you into ministry, service or another area of service; He will then provide the resources and strength you’ll need in order to fulfil these roles successfully.

God has blessed those He has selected with the ability to recognize when something does not emanate from Him, known as spiritual discernment. This skill allows Christians to avoid potential pitfalls and understand when something doesn’t belong with the Lord – even false prophecies or visions may need to be recognized in this way.

Becoming a follower of Christ can be challenging, but if God truly chose you as His follower, your faith will remain firm through any trials that arise. Trusting in Him because you know He is good will enable you to turn even the worst situations into blessings – as was seen with Abraham, Israel’s father.

5. You experience supernatural protection

God has chosen you and will protect from all harm that could come your way, be it predators’ traps or disease outbreaks. God’s protection serves as a mark that you are holy; thus His people don’t hesitate to travel on missions or live in potentially hazardous areas without fear. Furthermore, this protection also serves as an indicator that He can use you as a vessel through which He works His work through.

God chooses those He empowers with everything necessary to carry out their purpose, giving them everything necessary for fulfillment of that role. That’s why those chosen by Him possess that special aura that draws others towards them; their lives radiate with His glory! God may even use them to heal the sick, preach the Gospel or bring salvation to those in need.

An indicator that God has selected you is your openness and willingness to obey His Word. This is especially evident if you’re eager to learn more about Jesus and how He wants you to live your life. Additionally, He may affirm any word spoken aloud – like when Elijah predicted rain would fall during a drought – immediately upon speaking them out loud.

Becoming one of God’s chosen ones can be both an immense honor and challenge. Sacrificing material possessions to pursue this calling from Him often comes at the cost of material comforts; yet those willing to embrace this path and depend on His power for its fulfillment will experience incredible joy and satisfaction in doing so.

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