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saints cosmas and damian orthodox

Saints Cosmas and Damian are two of the most celebrated and influential saints from the Roman Catholic tradition. They were originally a pair, and their lives paralleled one another in many ways. For example, they both studied medicine, and treated patients without charging them. In addition, they did not differentiate between a physician and a pharmacist.

They studied medicine and treated the sick, free of charge

The Saints Cosmas and Damian were a pair of Orthodox physicians of the third century. Their medical feats were not limited to humans, however. They also took care of animals and treated the sick without charging them a cent. Their achievements are awe inspiring, and are well documented. For instance, a black Ethiopian leg was transplanted to a white human body. This was a real thing and was accomplished by a team of doctors in the middle of the night.

Although the Saints Cosmas and Damian were not the first to perform such a feat, they did it better than most, if not all, of their peers. There are numerous other Medicating Saints. Some of the lesser known medical aficionados include Francesca Romana, Leontius and Euprepius, and others who remain unnamed. With a little bit of digging, you can find out the best of the best in terms of medical feats, and the most likely candidates for the top spot.

They did not distinguish between physician and pharmacist

Saints Cosmas and Damian, also called the Unmercenary Physicians, are revered for their medical service. They are believed to have helped emperor Carinus, a Roman ruler, heal his body. Their cult spread throughout Europe.

The twins were born in the city of Alberbolo in Bari, Italy. Their mother, Theodota, was a Christian who raised them to be doctors. When the emperor Diocletian ruled, they were arrested. During their imprisonment, they were cured by angels. In the end, they were martyred. Many relics of the saints are scattered across the world.

Sts Cosmas and Damian are regarded as patron saints of doctors, pharmacists, and surgeons. During their time, women were also trained to become physicians. Some depictions of the saints show them as laymen holding medicine boxes or spoons. These symbols indicate the importance of spiritual healing and that all cures come from God.

The saints were known as the “unmercenary physicians,” a term which means that they did not make any money. However, they healed patients out of their love for God. The first Sunday of November is their feast day. Various churches have statues of the saints. Several relics of the saints have been found across Europe. During the reign of Emperor Justinian (530-565 AD), two churches were dedicated in Constantinople in their honor.

They did not resonate in England

The saints Cosmas and Damian are widely regarded for their extraordinary healing powers. They are said to have cured paralysis and blindness. Their reputation was so widespread that relics were scattered all over Europe. In the fifth century AD, Emperor Justinian dedicated two churches in Constantinople in honor of the duo.

However, while the cult of the saints was well established in the eastern parts of Europe, it did not resonate in the British Isles. According to the legend, Damian smashed a breast serpent and expelled it. Moreover, he was arrested by the governor of Cilicia. Fortunately, both brothers embraced Christianity and later became holy unmercenaries. As a result, they were able to practise medicine for free.

Today, Damian Stayne is the founder of the Catholic community Cor et Lumen Christi in Wigton, England. His ministry has helped thousands of people in 25 countries around the world. He has been known to have a prophetic revelation and to experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

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