Russian Orthodox Church Sacramento CA

russian orthodox church sacramento ca

Orthodox Christianity is a Christian religion that originated in the East but has survived and flourished throughout the world. The Church believes that God revealed Himself in Jesus Christ.

The Holy Ascension Russian Orthodox Church is located in Sacramento, California. This Church primarily operates in the Miscellaneous Denomination Church business / industry within the Membership Organizations sector.


The Russian Orthodox Church, whose history can be traced back to Christ and His Twelve Apostles, is one of the oldest Christian churches. Her doctrine, worship and structure are based on the Holy Scriptures.

It is also the Church that believes and teaches that Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, was born of the Virgin Mary, suffered, was crucified, buried, was resurrected by the Holy Spirit, and rose bodily from the dead to be seated at the right hand of the Father. These are definite and actual events in history, and the Apostles were trustworthy witnesses of these facts.

Archimandrite Irenei Steenberg, rector of Holy Ascension Church in Sacramento California, is appointed bishop of this diocese by the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). He is an academic by training who has served as a parish priest, chaplain to the elderly, a teacher of Orthodox studies, director of religious education, a member of the ROCOR’s governing council and the Council of Bishops, and an expert on the history of the Orthodox Church.


The church has a number of reasons to be proud of. The most important is our community, and the many ways in which we help each other. Whether it is through our social programs, our charitable activities or just being an active member of the local church community, we have made an impact on the Sacramento area and beyond.

Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our members and guests in a friendly, comfortable and welcoming environment. To that end, we have a staff of dedicated professionals that work hard to make sure that every member has the opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace.

We also strive to offer our members a full complement of educational and social activities that will help them find their place in the greater Sacramento community. This is especially true for families with children. Our childrens’ ministry is a great place for them to learn about their faith, have fun and form lasting friendships.


The russian orthodox church sacramento ca community is comprised of those who share in the observance and practice of Orthodox Christianity. This is a religion that has been in existence for over two thousand years. It has a long history of persecution and repression, yet it is alive today with many millions of members all over the world.

The community is primarily made up of Russian-speaking parishioners from all walks of life and from various parts of California. There are many young families, as well as older people who have been faithful for generations.

In 1952, the Western Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia purchased a house on the corner of 12th Avenue and Anza Street. This property incorporated a small house-church consecrated to Christ the Saviour and an upstairs apartment that was used as a residence for Archbishop John (Shakhovskoy).


We invite you to come and join our vibrant Orthodox community in Sacramento, California. Whether you are looking to begin your journey in Orthodoxy or you are simply seeking a spiritual home, we welcome you with open arms!

We are an Orthodox Christian church in the Russian tradition. We have a rich history and continue to believe, teach, defend and live the Faith of the Apostles since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago.

We are a diverse community of believers from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. We are committed to bringing the teachings and practices of the Orthodox Church to you in a way that is relevant to your life. We strive to be a spiritual community that provides support, encouragement and guidance. We hope you will consider our parish as your spiritual home.

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