Russian Orthodox Church in New Orleans

In 1864, the first Orthodox parish in America was established in New Orleans by Greek merchants and Nicholas Benakis, consul general of Greece in that city.

Holy Trinity church has grown and become a large gathering place, offering believers a place to worship, practice their traditions, and preserve their culture.


In the 19th century, an influx of immigration from Greece, Russia, the Middle East and Balkans to America brought with them a rich spiritual heritage of Orthodoxy. As immigrants vowed to protect their faith and spiritual heritage in America, Orthodox parishes began popping up across the nation.

In 1864, New Orleans established its first parish – marking the start of a long and distinguished history that still endures today.

The Church has always been committed to missionary work. This dedication has allowed the Church to grow in America and around the world. Although the form of this work varies over time, its ultimate goal remains unchanged: introducing Christ to those who do not yet know Him.


The Russian Orthodox Church in New Orleans exists to meet the spiritual needs of all those seeking an intimate relationship with God. As a Christian faith that has been practiced since Christ’s birth, its teachings remain timeless.

The Orthodox Church in America is self-governing, electing its own Primate who serves as head of the Holy Synod and consecrates Holy Chrism. Additionally, this individual holds responsibility for administering the Church in North America and maintaining unity within each diocese.

According to the canonical principle that Orthodoxy is one in a given territory, all parishes within the North American diocese belong to the same church. This practice is common among Orthodox jurisdictions worldwide and helps the Church function more efficiently by eliminating dependence on external ecclesiastical leadership.

To remain viable in America, the Orthodox Church must be able to preach its basic doctrines and educate believers through knowledgeable priests. This can only be accomplished through an organized Diocese.


The Russian Orthodox Church in America strives to spread the spiritual traditions of her ancestors to all who seek them. This vision was carried forward by steadfast missionaries during the past, and continues to guide today’s dedicated priests, deacons, and lay people.

The Orthodox Church in America has a rich and colorful heritage, dating back to when thousands of Orthodox Christians from Greece, Russia and the Middle East first arrived here. They brought with them their spiritual traditions from their homelands as well as an appreciation for Orthodox culture and its ancient treasures.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, an influx of immigrants from Balkans and Eastern Europe blessed Orthodox Church with new members. Additionally, it brought with it many beloved traditions from our past which the Church has been actively preserving and passing along to people around the globe.


Orthodox Christianity began in the East and has spread throughout the world thanks to extensive missionary efforts from Russia, the Middle East, and Balkans.

The Russian Orthodox Church of North America has a proud heritage spanning 150 years. Established in 1864, the Church provides an oasis for Orthodox Christians to gather, worship, and uphold their traditions and culture.

Over the years, the Church in America has been forced to adjust to a rapidly transforming environment. Nevertheless, they have maintained their faith and remain relevant for their members.

Over the years, the church has been a focal point for numerous activities both locally and nationally. It has served as a spiritual home to people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. Furthermore, it serves as an outlet for individuals to celebrate and share their cultural heritage through various activities.

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