Russian Orthodox Church in Hollywood

russian orthodox church hollywood

The Russian Orthodox Church has faced many challenges in its long history. From the brutal tsarist rule to the communist dictatorship, the Church survived with a spiritual vigor that is now carrying its traditions around the world.

Our parish is home to a community of people from different walks of life. Whether they are converts from other denominations, Russian emigrants or just interested in learning more about the Orthodox faith, they all share an abiding love for their Savior Jesus Christ.

The Russian Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin

The Russian Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin in hollywood is a very popular place for prayer among the local Russian community. It also serves the large number of Russian actors who come to Tinseltown to perform in movies.

The Church’s interior is decorated with filigree decorations, including an altar gate with pictures of Saints, a six-tiered chandelier with candle-style bulbs (upper center), Gothic arch simulations with Crosses on top, and much more. Moreover, it houses several icons of the saints and is home to a small museum.

In addition, the Church also houses the largest Russian cemetery in Western Europe. It is also a good place for pilgrimage.

The parish is staffed by priests of the Moscow Patriarchate, the Diocese of New York and America, as well as by local clergy. The clergy regularly participate in the Divine Liturgy and other services. Their ministry extends to Russia and the world. The Church serves over 4,000 members. The congregation includes many foreigners and followers of other Christian churches, such as Greeks and Macedonians. During Great Lent, the clergy and parishioners prepare their souls by fasting and praying to the Lord. In doing so, they cleanse their spirits and receive forgiveness from the Lord for any transgressions.

The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas

The Russian Orthodox Church is famed all over the world for its devotion to Saint Nicholas. This wonderworker and quick helper was honored by the Church in the Middle Ages for his many miracles, which he performed in the name of God.

The Church venerates him as the patron of travelers and gives special attention to his role in the defense of Orthodoxy against Arius. He is also the patron of children, sailors, unmarried girls, merchants and pawnbrokers, as well as of charitable fraternities and guilds.

A significant body of literature has been compiled about St. Nicholas in Russia at an early date, and the Feast day of the Transfer of his Relics was first celebrated in Russia as a commemoration of him.

The Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church has been following with concern the spread of the coronavirus infection throughout the world and its consequences for millions of people, many of whom not only face the threat of infection but are also experiencing social and economic consequences therefrom. The Holy Synod firmly believes that the Orthodox faithful should pray for the victims of this disease and offer bestowals of strength on doctors and volunteers who are fighting this illness. They should observe sanitary and hygienic preventive measures in their parishes and monasteries.

The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Maria Alexandrovna

Located in the southern French city of Nice, this cathedral is one of the largest Eastern Orthodox churches in Western Europe. Its parishioners include many local Russians, as well as followers of other Orthodox Churches: Greeks, Macedonians, Serbs and Bulgarians.

Besides being a place of prayer, the Russian Orthodox Church also serves as a home to many important religious events and meetings of high-ranking members of the clergy. Founded in 1881, this church is dedicated to the Russian Empress Maria Alexandrovna.

It is a traditional church in the Russian style, and features seven dazzling gold onion domes. Originally built by Tsar Alexander III to honor his mother, this church has been in the center of a controversy between the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the Russian Orthodox Church.

This church is located in a quiet residential neighborhood on the west side of town, and it is known as a sanctuary of healing and peace. It is a popular choice for weddings, baptisms and other important ceremonies.

It is a beautiful and historic church that dates back to the late 19th century, when Russian Orthodox culture began spreading across the globe. It is a spiritual home for several Russian families, and it has a long tradition of welcoming newcomers to the Church.

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