Russian Orthodox Church Garfield Nj

russian orthodox church garfield nj

Three Saints Russian Orthodox Church is a beacon of faith and home for many in America, having its roots in an influx of immigrants from Russia, Greece, and the Balkans who came in search of freedom and opportunity.

Today, the parish is a vibrant gathering of believers who share a common heritage and spiritual devotion. As the first Orthodox parish chartered in Bergen County, its congregation continues to grow and thrive.

Our History

At its height, Three Saints Russian Orthodox Church boasted a membership base of over 1,000 families. As the church expanded, so too did its responsibilities; a new building, cultural center and clergy team were needed to accommodate the ever-expanding congregation. With modern technologies and an influx of foreign visitors necessitating more modernization of the structure became necessary. For directions to Three Saints Russian Orthodox Church on foot, bike or bus using Moovit – a mobile app that will find the optimal route tailored specifically towards your needs – whether that means taking public transportation by foot, bike or bus!

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Our Mission

The mission of Russian Orthodox Church Garfield Nj is to serve the people of Garfield and Bergen County by spreading knowledge of Orthodox faith. As a spiritual home for our parishioners and friends, we strive to live according to Jesus’ teachings in Spirit and Truth.

This church has become a landmark on Outwater Lane and an emblem of our community’s deep Russian heritage. Its golden domes and majestic interior are an amazing sight as you drive through Garfield.

Today Three Saints parish is a bustling hub, boasting both first and second generation members as well as new immigrants from Russia and Eastern Europe. According to Sudol, around 100 parishioners attend services each Sunday.

According to him, the church was founded by Russian immigrants as well as people from Slovakia, Hungary and Austria. While some of its original founders still attend services, it primarily has a traditional congregation feel.

Our Services

Saint John the Baptist Russian Orthodox Church was established by immigrants from Eastern Europe during the early 1900s, as economic conditions forced many Russians to flee their homeland for a better life in America.

They achieved this through hard work and saving. After some time had passed, they were rewarded with a higher standard of living as well as the freedom to practice their faith freely.

Parishioners voted to construct a larger church and relocate the parish to 9 1/2 acres at 464 Outwater Lane in Garfield.

The old church on Cambridge Ave in Garfield was too small to meet the worship needs of its parishioners. Sunday school programs required rental space, the parish hall no longer served as a venue for social activities and youth programs were often curtailed or severely limited due to limited space.

In 1958, during a celebration of their 60th anniversary church, parishioners unanimously decided to build a new facility to meet the growing needs of their growing congregation. The new structure was dedicated on October 5, 1958.

Our Calendar

The Russian Orthodox Church of Three Saints, situated in Garfield’s heart, was Bergen County’s first parish chartered by the Moscow Patriarch. It boasts an impressive collection of icons, stained glass and religious art.

North Jersey’s oldest church was established in 1898 by Slavic immigrants from Poland, Ukraine and Hungary. Today it serves a diverse community of Slavic descent – both descendants of its original organizers as well as recent immigrants to the area.

Our calendar offers a wide range of events, from holiday services to social gatherings and community outreach. We hope that you will join us in celebrating our faith and all it stands for.

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