Orthodox Saints Quotes Sayings

orthodox saints quotes sayings

This book brings together 300 sayings from fifty Orthodox saints. These saints come from places such as Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Greece, Russia, and Serbia. It also includes the sayings of some Western Church saints from Italy, France, and Montenegro. The purpose of this collection is to provide the reader with a feel for the Christian East and the faith that binds people to the Orthodox faith.

Let none lament his poverty

This saying is a reminder that no one should lament his poverty. Whether we are rich or poor, we should never lament our poverty. Let us instead rejoice in the fact that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Let us remember that the Christ has come to set us free from sin, poverty, and death.

Let none bewail his transgressions

The orthodox saints quotes sayings are a part of Eastern Orthodox Christian worship. They are included in the hymns, prayers and services of the church. They give life and sanctify human beings and abide in a unique profession of faith. The dissenters arise from all walks of life, but the orthodox never waver.

The Jesus Prayer is the lifeline of the soul

The Jesus Prayer is the foundation of our spiritual life. This prayer is the source of all good works and our lifeline to God. Saints often teach that we must pray without ceasing in order to receive the mercy of God. It is often called the lifeline of the soul and the spiritual weapon of the Christian.

We can learn much from Jesus, the Master of Life. He prays for us in a simple way that is not a show-off. We can learn from him by observing how he prayed for Peter’s spiritual survival. He does not ask for a huge miracle or a victory over Satan. Instead, he asks for a small thing.

Sin is a sickness

Sin is a sickness and the way to cure it is to turn away from sin. The Christian church is a place that is not only full of sinners, but also of saints. The orthodox church embodies the spirit of the apostles and communicates with the entire human race.

Sin causes suffering even in the righteous. This is why the Bible commands us to turn away from sinners and turn towards God. Moreover, the Bible warns us that sin is a sickness that destroys human life, causing spiritual and physical feebleness. It also leads to eternal torment.

The Orthodox Church places great importance on the teachings of the Bible. While Protestants focus on the original sin of Adam and Eve, the orthodox church teaches that Christ overcame sin and was the solution to man’s problems. Consequently, this understanding of the relationship between God and man is more compassionate.

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