Orthodox Saints Quotes on Love

orthodox saints quotes on love

The orthodox saints have a lot to say about love. They say that love does not seek its own gain and works to build up its brother. They also say that love transforms the impossible into the possible. They say that love has no shame, and is not ashamed to pray, sing, or build a church. They also say that love does not care about how much you weigh or what you look like. All that matters is how much you love your neighbor.

Orthodox saints

Love is the most beautiful emotion on earth. When a person shares his or her love with someone else, the feeling is so powerful that it raises the soul. Without love, the human being cannot achieve spiritual enlightenment. The more we love others, the more we will love God, and the more we will love ourselves.

Perfect love is unaffected by gender, age, or other distinctions. It has no preference for male or female, but is equally disposed to all. Love is God’s gift to the world, and we should reflect His light on all people.


The orthodox saints have a lot to say about self-love. For example, Saint Maximus the Confessor once said, “The greatest passion is to love oneself.” He went on to say that this love is sinful, because it keeps us from loving God and neighbor. He called self-love the mother of all evils and the original sin of man’s heart. Consequently, the orthodox saints have a lot to tell us about self-love and how to combat it.

Saints also emphasized the importance of loving oneself and others. One such saint is St. Bridget of Sweden, who was born to noble parents. She married Ulf Gudransson at age thirteen and had eight children. Later, she was named the patron saint of Sweden, Europe, and widows.


Passion is a natural movement of the soul that consists of irrational love or blind hatred of material objects. There are bodily and spiritual passions, and both can lead to bad behavior. Practicing temperance and love will help cut out these passions and lead to good behavior.

Draw nigh to the righteous

If we want to draw near to the Lord, we must first draw near to his saints. We must examine their faces daily, exhort them in the way of the gospel, and labor for the redemption of their sins. We must not haughtily add or take; we must judge righteously, not in the manner of the world.

We should not love the things of this world, for it is not of the Father. We should not love the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, or the pride of life. For this world is passing away, but he who does God’s will abides forever.

Learning from the righteous

If you wish to become a saint, you can learn from the teachings of the righteous saints. The righteous saints lived during a crucial time in Catholic history, when the relationship between reason and faith was in question. Their writings gave Catholics new insight into God’s revelation. Specifically, they showed that love is the key to understanding God’s work.

There are many verses in the Bible that speak of love. One such verse is 1 John 4:8 which says that a person without love does not know God. John lived with Jesus in His earthly ministry, and he saw His love for others. He knew that in order to know God, one must have love for others.

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