Orthodox Saints Quotes About Zodiac Signs

orthodox saints quotes about zodiac signs

The zodiac is known for its compatibility with the zodiac sign and it is often associated with some Orthodox saints. Isaac of Nineveh, St. Maxim, and St. Maxim of Byzantium are among these. Whether you’re an aries or a virgo, these men have something to say to you.

St. Maxim

The Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim oversaw a major religious revival after the communist rule ended. Hundreds of churches were built and monasteries reopened. The Bulgarian Orthodox Church has survived centuries of Turkish dominance and decades of communism. Maxim managed to keep his post despite opposition from his followers, and he became the longest-serving Patriarch in church history. He died on October 29, 2014. The church is currently in mourning for the loss of Maxim.

Orthodox people celebrate name days with prayers, which commemorate the birth of their patron saints. The name day serves as a reminder to the Orthodox community of the importance of the saints’ lives. The name Maxim means “prayer to God.” The name also implies perseverance and hard work.

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