Orthodox Saints’ Quotes About Sport

orthodox saints39 quotes about sports

In the Lives of the Saints, you can disregard Church Tradition, but doing so will cloud your objectivity. If you are a Church historian, Church Tradition is important, but it can also cloud your work, especially when you are writing about Saints. And you might have a problem with that if you’re not Orthodox.

St. Mary’s Menston joined the John Paul II Foundation for Sport

The John Paul II Foundation for Sport (JP2F4S) is a charitable organisation which promotes sport for all. Its aims are to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development of young people. It also aims to promote a healthier community and a more just society.

In July 2009, St. Mary’s Menston hosted a group of pupils from Mnyakanya, an orphanage in rural Kenya. The group spent the week collaborating on a number of educational activities. They created a mural to celebrate international co-operation, attended the Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire County Cricket Club matches, and took part in a St. Mary’s sports day. In addition, Sally Bridgewater organised a classical music concert for the school to raise funds for the partnership. The school also holds annual music festivals to raise funds for the charity.

In the past year, students at St. Mary’s Menston have volunteered in South Africa. Their work was recognised with the Diana Champion Volunteer Award, which recognises students who are involved in positive community work. The school’s students also helped to set up a sports festival and mentor Mnyakanya School children through the Bambisanani Leadership Award.

The University of Leeds is part of the Bambisanani Partnership. This initiative has helped to provide opportunities for exchange between the two countries and has brought thousands of students from both countries together. The partnership has also helped train sports coaches and physical education teachers in both countries.

St. Demetrios is a patron of Chicago

Saint Demetrios is a Greek Orthodox Christian who was born in 270 AD in Thessaloniki. The son of a wealthy family, Saint Demetrios was an athletic and courageous man. At an early age, he became an officer in the Roman army. Although he served his country as a soldier, he also considered himself a soldier of Christ first. In fact, he spent most of his time as a devout missionary, converting many pagans to Christianity.

The parish of St. Demetrios has a vibrant and young community in Chicago. In 2017, the parish celebrated its 50th anniversary with a year-long celebration on the theme of Divine Protection. Many of the original families continue to live in the parish, a testament to its tradition and heritage.

Among its many outreach efforts, St. Demetrios has a robust youth ministry. In 2010, the parish welcomed new youth director George Lamberis, who expanded the church’s youth program. By the time Father George left the parish in 2013, the youth ministries were flourishing at St. Demetrios. In the meantime, the church’s “All Things New” project took place, wherein the church was renovated and enhanced with new icons and other features.

St. Barnabas Nastic was a follower of St. Demetrios

Nastic, a Serbian Orthodox monk, was born in Gary, Indiana in 1914. His parents were Serbian immigrants, and he attended high school in Sarajevo. He then went on to earn his degree in Orthodox theology at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Belgrade. After graduating, he taught the Christian faith at two Sarajevo high schools and was later ordained a hierodeacon.

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