Orthodox Saints Quotes About Spirituality

orthodox saints quotes about spirituality

True spirituality does not search for the “next world”; it seeks union with God in this world. It is an inner sensation of God, which works through one’s entire being. In addition to transforming a person’s heart of flesh, this sensation allows the person to open up to others.

Passions are torn out of the heart

Passions are the irrational movements of the soul. They lead to irrational acts of love and hate for material things. Some of these passions are bodily, while others are spiritual. When man realizes that these passions are sinful, he begins the struggle to guard himself from them. This struggle begins with thoughts and deeds that are shameful, and goes on until the passions are torn from the heart.

The heart can be sanctified through the reading of the Holy Scriptures. The reading of these sacred texts can heal both physical and spiritual illnesses. Without the light of the Holy Scriptures, we cannot walk uprightly. The mind cannot be free of passions unless it is empty of all attachments and desires. In order to live the spiritual life, the mind must be free, and the heart-spirit must be calm and unclouded.

Mental derangement is caused by laziness

Laziness is the opposite of piety, and is a sign of a dark mind. In fact, the Archimandrite Abraham said that carelessness is more dangerous than pride. Laziness also undermines abstinence from food, which leads to a bleak state of mind. In addition, carelessness causes people to shun physical labor and church services, and it causes people to break the rule of daily prayer.

Pride is a spiritual illness

Pride is a spiritual illness. According to orthodox saints quotes, the sin of pride provokes God’s displeasure. Because of this, God has made it a priority to oppose it. In order to fight pride, we need to learn to recognize the symptoms and recognize its signs.

Pride causes a great deal of suffering in society. It corrupts people who are in positions of power and leadership. The sin of pride destroys a person’s relationship with God and causes widespread suffering. It also enslaves the individual. It also destroys the human race.

Those with spiritual gifts guard them by submitting to their Master and not by their own opinions. In addition, those with little faith murmur at God when affliction comes. However, this suffering is necessary for the soul to be purified and made holy. Ultimately, people with virtue should submit to their afflictions, because a life without suffering leads to pride and other spiritual diseases.

Meekness is the fruit of prayer

Meekness is a fruit of the Spirit. It is one of the characteristics of a true disciple. It allows a person to accept instruction from the lowest among the saints, to endure provocation without becoming inflamed, and to leave vengeance to God. Meekness also enables a person to hide in the day of the Lord’s anger.

Meekness is an attitude that comes from the Spirit of God. It is a characteristic of a person who has control of his or her emotions. Meekness is related to the Greek word en, which means “in,” and kratos, which means “power.” It is often translated as self-control.

Love is the fruit of prayer

Love is a fruit of the spirit and one of the fruits of prayer. It is the outward demonstration of God’s work in our lives. The Bible calls it agape. It is the same word used in John 3:16, and refers to an unconditional love. As we pray, we should seek to love others as God loves us. Love affects all the other virtues of the fruit of the Spirit.

Love is kind and patient, not boastful or arrogant. It does not keep a record of wrongs, is not easily angered, does not seek its own interests, is not deceitful and does not seek to hurt anyone. It is unselfish and rejoices with the truth. It never fails. It is a fruit of prayer that produces great praise for God.

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